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Information about MyFonts itself: who conceived it, who runs it, who owns it.

MyFonts was established in January 1999 as a division of Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) to create a new way of finding, trying and buying fonts. MyFonts created the® website as a showcase of the world’s fonts available from one easy-to-use Web site. hosts the largest collection of fonts ever assembled for on-line delivery, and offers easy ways to find and purchase fonts on-line. lets you search for fonts using any keyword you want. Use a descriptive term such as invitations, a font name such as Baskerville, or a foundry or designer’s name — and returns the fonts that most closely match what you are searching for.

WhatTheFont™, one of MyFonts’s most popular features, lets you upload scanned images of fonts to the Web site, where WhatTheFont displays the closest match to your font sample.

With tens of thousands of fonts on one easy-to-use Web site and the best search tools in the business, is sure to help you find the perfect font.

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