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TypeTool is the lightweight version of FontLab.

TypeTool 2.0 by Fontlab Ltd. is the lightweight version of FontLab, and has all the essentials for the type designer. (In fact, some of the fonts at are created with TypeTool). TypeTool allows you to create new fonts, but you can also fiddle with existing ones by adding special characters or changing some letters (for your own personal use only, please mind the font’s user license!) TypeTool has extensive drawing tools that help adding new characters to the fonts, a metrics window where the sidebearings and the kerning of the font can be set manually or automatically. It has superb autohinting ensuring solid screen quality of created fonts. TypeTool supports Unicode and can open and save PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts.


  • Make new fonts
  • Automatically or manually hint and kern your fonts
  • Add ligatures, old style figures, fractions, currency symbols, correct em dashes, apostrophes, quotation marks and foreign characters to your fonts
  • Make your own dingbat or clipart fonts
  • Make font variations with the new transformation tools
  • Print font reference tables
  • Rearrange and rename your font’s characters
  • Make custom end-of-story markers for your newsletter
  • Convert fonts between Adobe Type 1 and TrueType formats
  • Edit fonts with up to 65,000 glyphs with support for 2-byte encodings
  • Special Font Map window for large fonts.

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