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Probably the best font editor around.

FontLab 4.6 by Fontlab Ltd. is a high-end font editor with features and continuous improvements that make it the first choice for most professional type designers. FontLab allows you to create new fonts and modify existing ones (please mind the font’s user license when modifying existing fonts!). It has extensive drawing tools that help adding new characters to the fonts, a metrics window where the sidebearings and the kerning of the font can be set manually or automatically. It has superb autohinting ensuring solid screen quality of created fonts, plus a unique set of professional manual hinting tools to create fonts with highest screen quality possible. With FontLab, the user can make new fonts by blending existing ones together, or by applying various effects and transformations. FontLab supports Unicode and can open and save PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts, as well as fonts in the new OpenType format and in the advanced MultipleMaster format. With FontLab, you can change virtually any internal parameter of the font, controlling the font’s naming, version information, encoding, hinting etc. Finally, with Python scripting support, it is possible to automate any FontLab tasks and even add completely new features to the application.


  • Glyph Editor - Works with Type 1 and TrueType outlines, previews anti-aliased fills and outlines, has industry-standard drawing tools including the innovative Sketch mode, supports open paths, converts from strokes to outlines, can automatically generate parallel paths and more
  • Multiple Masters - Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes. Extrapolate fonts beyond original limits
  • TrueType & Type 1 Hinting - Add hints manually or automatically for beautiful screen and low-res fonts
  • VectorPaint Tools - Perform paint operations in a vector environment, with 8 tools and shaped brush strokes
  • FontAudit Technology - Automatically checks your glyph outline while you edit it
  • Font Metrics and Kerning - Professional metrics and kerning editor with automatic functions and full support for Multiple Master fonts
  • Transformations - Applicable to the whole font or to selected characters. Metrics tranformations new in v4.6
  • Unicode - Full support for Unicode encodings with multiple codepages and optional font reencoding (note: FontLab only allows exporting fonts with up to 6,500 glyphs).

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