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Barcode Code 128 (EAN128) font set, with Encoding Utility, Microsoft Office Add-ins a DLL , Crystal Reports Support and Encoding Information

This is a complex code that has many uses, it has 3 code sets, A,B,C and is available in a variety of formats.

[C128 Bar Code Sample]

Barcode Code 128 font set, with Code subset A, B, C, Used for EAN128, UCC128 in both PC Truetype and PC Postscript formats, Containing various font heights and densities for user flexibility, with and without Human Readable text.

PC Version | Mac Version

Code 128 was introduced in 1981 as a very high density alphanumeric barcode. Since 1990 it has seen increasing use in a variety of applications. It is a variable length, continuous symbology with multiple element widths.

Each Code 128 character has 11 modules which may be either black or white. Each character has three bars and three spaces and begin with a bar and ends with a space.

Code 128 has 106 different printed character patterns. Each printed character can have one of three different functions depending on which of the three different character sets is used. Three different character sets tell the barcode reader which of the character sets is initially being used and three shift codes allow changing of character sets within the symbol.

Character Set A consists of Uppercase, numeric characters and allows access to special ASCII control codes such as ESC or CR. Character Set B consists of Uppercase, Lowercase and numeric characters.

Character Set C consists of a 100 two digit pairs 00 through to 99. This allows the effective density of Code 128 to be doubled when printing numeric data.

A variant of Code 128 is used in retail distribution for carton tracking. This is referred as UCC128 (USA) or EAN128 (Outside USA) and uses the standard Code 128 character set except that every symbol uses a Start C character, followed by a Function One Code character.

As its name suggests, Code 128 is capable of representing the full range of 128 ASCII characters. Code 128 is an increasingly popular alternative to Code 39 for Alpha/Numeric codes. A key feature of code 128 is that is capable of encoding ASCII functions (e.g. Carriage Return) as well as printable characters.

To employ these facilities fully Code 128 uses three character sets (sometimes called tables) to fully define the conversion of each bar code symbol to an ASCII character. Some printing packages automatically select the code set according to the data required in the bar code whilst for others you will need to know and specify which table set variation you wish to use. Code 128 table set C is a numeric only table set and can give very compact numeric only bar codes.