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Barcode EAN13 Font set, with Encoding Utility, Microsoft Office Add-ins a DLL, Crystal Reports Support and Encoding Information

[EAN13 Bar Code Sample]

PC Version | Mac Version

EAN stands for “European Article Numbering association”. EAN-8/13 is a numeric only code and is the standard for the retail use of bar codes. The familiar bar code that appears on grocery items and is scanned at supermarket check-outs are EAN codes. If you wish to use EAN codes for open systems then you must join the Article Numbering Association (ANA) and be allocated a supplier number that needs to be represented in the code - if you are supplying large retailers or supermarkets they will generally oblige you to do this. EAN codes have good security, the 13th digit in EAN codes is actually a check digit. A shorter version, EAN-8 is for small items and leaves out elements of the full code. EAN is very similar in structure and algorithm to it’s American counterpart UPC, some readers and scanners effectively treat them as being the same.

EAN-13 codes can also have “extension” codes added, these are most commonly used for newspaper and periodical identification, support for EAN extensions is not quite as wide as that of the core EAN codes, so if you want to print or read EAN code extensions it’s usually a good idea to check for support when ordering printing or scanning products.

EAN 8/13 codes uniquely identify a product but contain no information about the product.