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Fonts with symbols for all your holiday needs.

DECEMBER has come once again and it’s time to send out your holiday greeting cards. But you want to do something different this year, something memorable and stylish (not to suggest that your previous cards were lacking in the style department!) that your friends will exclaim about till next year. We've got what you need to “spruce” up your holiday publications, be they greetings, invitations, flyers, or anything else you can think of!

Note: This page itself is not a great example of elegant typographical organization! In general, it’s a good idea to use no more than a few fonts on a page, avoiding clutter and stylistic hodgepodge.

Snow Fonts Never Get Slushy

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, snow is the sign of the season! There are several snowy fonts to choose from these days, among them SnowCap from Bitstream (above), an old chestnut which I remember using in high school! Some more recent additions to the snow-font family:

Snowgoose from Typodermic
Brrrrr from Ingrimayne Type

Text with Class

Add a touch of elegance to your invitations and announcements with the application of some well-designed typography. Sveva AS-Versal (above) is a beautiful typeface for titles, and it includes advanced OpenType features such as contextual ligatures to give each document you produce a unique flair.

Ornate initials are a fun way to make your paragraphs look as if they're straight out of a 1000 year old illuminated manuscript. Scriptorium (maker of Chaucerian Initials, the “O” at the beginning of this paragraph) in particular has a variety of extremely detailed initials. Try entering “initials” or even “ornate initials” in the search box for more ideas!

Ornate Initials

F i R S T

Elegant title text is a piece of cake once you've got a mood in mind:


You Are Invited


Welcome Black Tie Smorgasbord See You Soon


No sample available
Chairs Provided
Wear Flannel
No sample available


Huge HoLidaY Request Your Presence

Crazy about Dingbats

Throw out those clip-art disks and improve your printed documents by using “dingbat” fonts! These are fonts that contain pictures in place of (or in addition to) the regular alphabet. Like any other font, you can scale dingbats to any size and change the foreground and background color, along with any other transformation your application offers. And they’ll work in any application you use!

All kinds of dingbats have been produced by enterprising typographers, ranging from the sacred to the secular. Browse our collection by clicking on the images below, or try entering “holiday dingbats” in the MyFonts search box!


DF Celebrations Xbats Doodles Xbats Altemus Crosses

Santa Claus

Holiday Pi RA Holiday Tis the Season BV Xbats Xmas LH Pi

Trees and Gifts

t Tis the Season BV DF Celebrations DF Celebrations RA Holiday


DF Celebrations Tis the Season BV DF Celebrations Holiday Pi Tis the Season BV