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Indie Fonts 3 is the third in a series of specimen books of the fonts of independent type designers, published by P-Type Publications, 2007.

Indie Fonts 3 is the third of the Indie Fonts series of specimen books. It is published by P-Type Publications of Buffalo, NY. The books are edited by noted typophiles Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber, and Tamye Riggs.

The twenty foundries whose work is featured in Indie Fonts 3 are:

  1. Baseline Fonts
  2. Blue Vinyl Fonts
  3. Device Fonts
  4. E-phemera Fonts
  5. Font Bros
  6. Handselecta
  7. Jeremy Tankard Typography
  8. Ken Munk
  9. Letterhead Fonts
  11. Positype
  12. Process Type Foundry
  13. Rimmer Type Foundry
  14. Shinn Type Foundry
  15. SparkyType
  16. Suitcase Type Foundry
  17. Suomi Type Foundry
  18. Village
  19. Virus Fonts
  20. Wilton Foundry

Indie Fonts 3 comes with a CD containing 55 fonts, selected from the foundries featured in the book.

This publication is no longer available from MyFonts.

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