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A series of typeface specimen books, bringing together the designs of numerous independent foundries, published by P-Type Publications.

Indie Fonts is a series of specimen books containing beautiful samples of the latest fonts from independent designers and small type foundries. The books, each around 400 pages, are published by P-Type Publications of Buffalo, NY. They are edited by noted typophiles Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber, and Tamye Riggs. These books are available direct to MyFonts customers.

Each book contains a CD, which has a selection of fonts from the featured foundries. The value of the fonts on each CD greatly exceeds the price of the book!

The pages below contain information about each book:

Specimen books, with beautiful layouts featuring a foundry’s typefaces, have long had an important place in the history of printing. The Indie Fonts books perform this most valuable role in the information age, where it can be very expensive for an individual designer to provide satisfactory printed specimens to potential purchasers. With many fonts priced from just $10 to $30 each, it is simply not feasible for designers or distributors to offer free printed samples for a large number of fonts, as it was until the late 20th century when fonts cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

MyFonts has supported the work of independent designers since its inception, and we are proud to have helped to bring many of these new designs to a world-wide audience. Most of the designs in Indie Fonts are available right here at MyFonts.

The books are $39.95 each.

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