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The Scriptorium was founded in 1968 as a calligraphy and type design workshop inside the Toulouse School of Fine Arts. It was headed by André Vernette with the assistance of Bernard Arin. After three of the school’s students won prizes in the National Competition of Fine and Applied Arts, the Scriptorium got the attention of the French type scene and was soon recognized as a leading school in the typographic domain. After Arin had become its director in 1982, it success continued until, in 1985, the school was deemed ‘too professional’ by the Ministry of Education, and forced to close down.

With the support of type designer-stone carver Rodolphe Giuglardo, Bernard Arin re-established the Scriptorium de Toulouse as a private school in 1987. In its new incarnation, the school offered a four-year curriculum providing a profound knowledge of writing, calligraphy, type design and typesetting. Among its former students are Claude Médiavilla, an innovator of French calligraphy, and type designers Thierry Puyfoulhoux, Franck Jalleau and Xavier Dupré.

The departure of Bernard Arin led to the school’s closure in 2005.

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