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TypeCon 2003, subtitled 'Counter Culture', offered four full days of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions about fonts and typography. July 17-20, Minneapolis

TypeCon2003 built on the foundation of previous events, offering four full days of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. More than sixty-five of the most respected names in the type, design, books arts, new media, and education fields made up a stellar cast of speakers and workshops leaders.

The 2003 conference offered a rich mixture of contemporary and historical programming. Letterpress printing, the history of wood type, sign painting, calligraphy, and glass gilding were among the traditional arts in focus at TypeCon2003. The program explored the latest in digital font production tools and techniques, typography for the screen, typographic education, online type news and discussion forums, and much more.

Thursday and Friday included a diverse selection of hands-on workshops, held at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA), and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Friday’s schedule also debuted a new feature at TypeCon: a business and technology forum. These sessions were geared toward type designers, type foundry staff, software developers, and others interested in the business and technological aspects of the type world.

Saturday and Sunday were the main program, a single track of presentations and panels designed to please a diverse group of typophiles. Special evening events happened every night during the conference. TypeCon2003 officially closed at 6:00pm Sunday.

Offering more education, entertainment, and exhibits than ever before, TypeCon2003 was generally reckoned to have retained its uniquely intimate appeal — it’s a gathering where students and amateur type designers can comfortably mingle with some of the most respected names in the type and design fields — and was also regarded as the best yet.

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