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Letter from the editor

This issue, we’re pleased to be able to give you a update on the progress of the Font Aid III appeal, and celebrate 40,000 fonts online. As usual there are some previously little-known entrants on the font scene whom we’re the first to bring you, and some well-known names from the past who are now launching their own foundries. Generous discounts on the new arrivals appear again.

Particularly for the medium and larger companies, we recommend you take a look at the Got licenses story, and understand the reasons for proper font licensing.

Happy font finding!

— Laurence Penney, In Your Face Editor

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We’re at 40,000!

This month sees us breaking through the 40,000 fonts barrier here at MyFonts! Since we started selling in 1999 we’ve left no stone unturned to bring you the latest fonts from independent designers, as well as the classic collections. But rather than us gushing any more about how delighted we are about this milestone, let’s hand over to Dan Solo of SoloType who wrote to us recently:

When I entered the typography business in 1962, typographers were complaining that there was too much type, and we didn’t need any more. Graphic artists, on the other hand, were begging for more. Photolettering was just becoming mainstream and type designs were proliferating at a rapid rate.

When I joined MyFonts [January 2004], you had 30,000 fonts. Today, you are coming up on 40,000 fonts. I am amazed at how many of these are truly useful faces. Shortly after entering the business, I gave a talk in which I compared designing new fonts to the writing of new music, saying that it could go on endlessly, recombining the elements that go into alphabet design. One of the few times I had it right on.

Fonts today are so inexpensive and so quickly available that no designer has to go without. Definitely a better world for the graphic artist.

— Dan Solo

For the statisticians: our 11,690 font families are made up of 40,062 font styles, each of which is available in, on average, 4 versions (Mac, Windows, TrueType, PostScript, etc.).

Font Aid III update

The Font Aid III appeal, a project launched by a diverse collection of type designers and font foundries, who all wish to help victims of the South Asian Tsunami, is already a success. More than $13,000 was raised for Direct Relief International in the first part, where our foundries offered all proceeds from their bestselling fonts for a month, and MyFonts passed on its cut too.

The second part now gets going. Fleurons of Hope Fleurons Of Hopeis an OpenType font (works on Windows and Mac) of over 400 glyphs submitted by designers from all across the globe, mastered by Jim Lyles. It’s a beautiful set of images, and really usable too – it deserves a place in everybody’s personal font collection. Thanks to all the customers who purchase fonts in these appeals, and thanks also to the type designers who donate their time and money!

Our 14 new foundries


FontMesa of Naperville, Illinois, USA was founded in 2000 by photographer American Westand type designer Michael Hagemann. FontMesa specializes in the heart-warming styles of the old west and fonts for sign lettering. Some fonts are classic Italian (Tuscan) and French revivals while others were created Rodeo Clownfrom a small sample of letters found on old documents never intended to be a complete font.

We really like that Michael has added lower-case letters in many cases, even when the original font had Miss Scarlettnone, such as Rodeo Clown. Many others offer multiple fonts intended to be used in colored layers, like the wonderful Maverick’s Luck. FontMesa continues to research and find long-lost type from the 1800s, then revive them painstakingly (no automatic scans) into the digital world where they will never be forgotten.

This is a splendid collection of Maverick's Luck73 styles grouped into 28 families, several of which have been racing up our best-seller lists. With fonts starting at $12, it’s easy to see why!

FontMesa fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!


LetterBe of Ufa, BoosterBashkortostan, Russia is the foundry of Rustam Gabbasov. Booster, a characterful sans for text setting, was developed taking into account the special features of the Cyrillic characters. It includes Latin letters too for mixed settings. Attention was paid to two simple things: letterspace and ascenders. Since the Cyrillic alphabet has few ascenders, it’s possible to boost the x-height considerably during the design thus allowing the Cyrillic to be more legible. Furthermore, Cyrillic benefits from generous letterspacing so the font family (regular and bold) exists in generous and tight letterspace versions. LetterBe also offers a wide stencil font, Truefaret. Priced from $17.

LetterBe fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!


Behaviour is Labelo Varsityfrom Bangkok, Thailand, a typography-infused design studio founded in 1996 by Anuthin Wongsunkakon and Nirut Krusuansombat. It is one of the country’s leading studios. Many of Anuthin’s fonts are with the T-26 and Psy-Ops foundries. The foundry has been recognized for excellence in typography by the Type Directors Club of New York.

Special collection available only at MyFonts: Board DeluxeLabelo Varsity is a chunky, outlined geometric font: just horizontals, verticals and 45-degree diagonals; Board Deluxe is inspired by LCD lettering, but its italic shows real flair. Prices from $19.

Behaviour fonts are 30% off for 3 weeks!


Wooden Type Fonts Antique Sixshowcases the designs of Jordan Davies. Based in South Hero, Vermont, Jordan is a graphic designer who just loves the history of type design. His focus is American wood type, with revivals of the 19th century work of one of the masters, William Hamilton Page. RubensIn “real” printing, wood type was reserved for the very biggest, poster-size type, and that’s where we’d recommend use of these fonts today. We love the lack of restraint shown in Antique Six (did someone say there’s a limit on boldness?) and the compact, angular Rubens. The 18 styles start at just $10.

Wooden Type Fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!


Quiet Designs Inc.Architect Small Block is Ron Dunant’s studio in Grass Valley, California, started in 1992. Ron is also a computer engineer, but when he had an architectural drawing project he lacked an appropriate font. So Architect Small Block was born, intended for architect, blueprint and drawing use. “The font resembles a cross between Comic Sans and VAG,” he says, so it works casually too. Price $20.


Simeon out West, Pravoslavniefrom Englewood, Colorado, USA, is the label under which Brett T. Johnson releases his fonts. The 26 styles (in 9 families) are almost all inspired by the calligraphy in medieval Eastern Orthodox manuscripts. These fonts show a very distinctive aesthetic. “I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they Alexandriado me,” says Brett.

We thought Pravoslavnie (“the prize of the collection”) and Alexandria (inspired by a brush script from Egypt’s Hellenic period) were especially worthy of note. Fonts $20 each.

Simeon out West fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!


Sylvestre StudiosScriptura is run by Mick Sylvestre from New Westminster, BC, Canada. His two families are Cardinal and Scriptura. Fonts from $20.

Sylvestre Studios fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks! is Feroxthe title for Miles Newlyn’s studio projects. Miles lives and works in London, creating typographic identities for the world’s most forward thinking organizations. You may also have heard of Miles from his avant-garde typeface designs for LuvbugEmigre and David Carson.

Now appearing under his own name, he brings us three families of type, experiments too tasty for those conservative corporates. With Ferox, a sensous, voluptuous blackletter, he continues a mission to re-assess the cultural potential of this style – read the interview by Claudio Piccinini for an in-depth look. Luvbug is “fused, Beckerflattened, outlined and individualized, then inflated and turbo pimped, a flagship for happiness and optimism”. Becker replicates the style of text on the techno gadgets found in our homes and cars. fonts are 70% off for 4 weeks!


Just in Type Drop_itis the foundry of the energetic de Marco brothers Tony and Caio from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are recent winners of Linotype’s design contest. Their typefaces “have movement of the samba, the Carnival’s sensuality and soccer’s precision.”

Their initial font with us is Drop_it, by the brothers and Marcelo De Nadai. It is a redesign of letters originally intended to be recognized by computers using OCR (optical character recognition). Strangely, human beings fell in love with the stylistic inconsistencies of these fonts made for machines. The accompanying dingbats font follows the the same theme and can be used side by side. Besides some standard symbols, it presents some images from rave culture. The fonts are $18 each.

Just In Type fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!


Fontmill Foundry Suredogis part of Studio Liddell Graphic Design which is based in Manchester, England, and offers the fonts of David Lawless. The studio has produced other interesting design work, including the stadium signage Manchester United Football Club (despite David being a lifelong TrainLiverpool fan!).

Suredog is a narrow sans, designed with an appealing economy of line. Train is based on the LCD lettering on the front of trains. ABC and Loop would be ideal for techno posters and album covers. 22 fonts, starting at just $10.

Fontmill fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!


Characters is Acceleratorthe foundry of René Verkaart, based in Maastricht in the Netherlands. He’s been making his own typefaces since 1995, and co-founded Stoere Binken Design, a graphic design studio. “Characters gives people the means by which they can express themselves. Whether they are happy or sad, Shell Shockangry or in love,” he says. People now express their state of mind, their intentions, by font choice instead of handwriting.

Need to express power, dynamism, the future? Then one new font from Characters storms ahead of all others: Accelerator. Need to design with a stark, no-nonsense aesthetic? Then try out Shell Shock, which, René tells us, “was inspired by stencil typefaces used on military tanks and ammunition boxes.” The fonts are $35 each. More fonts are on their way very soon!

Characters fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!


Apply Interactive Advera Stencilof Hamburg, Germany specializes in software engineering for fonts. The company has much experience in font modification, optimization of fonts for the screen, expert conversions from one format to another, recently La Pina Stencilmoving to production of the new cross-platform OpenType fonts.

Now the Apply Interactive team of Uwe Führmann and Sigrid Claessens are working with Elsner+Flake to offer some interesting stencil and rough-edged fonts. We particularly like Arston Stencil and La Pina Stencil. A total of 40 fonts, starting at $30.


DNC Tech Tools(D-Net Communications) of Hommersaak, Norway is the foundry of Oladele Olawole. The main focus, he says, is “to concentrate on the development of rare and technical fonts”. He offers a font of yuletide images, Christmas, and a handy font for the handyman: Tech Tools. Fonts from $22.


Shaun C. Kennedy of E-Lie E-Lie Kelso, WA, USA offers us a single font by Shaun himself and Jon Lincicum. E-Lie, $14.99, is based on the logo of a Portland band.

Shaun C. Kennedy fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!

More Fonts from our Current Foundries

Red Dawg Bello Showboat Nerva Kynges X NF Bublik
Eveningnews Donna Bodoni Cassandra Boondoggle Plato Robusta
Masai Chunky Monkey Azuki Expressway Boopee OL Egiziano Comstock
Elevator Boy Stock Stuff Diva Doodles Tambourine Kari Ligurino
New Yorker Type Shishka Bob NF Grocers Script Scirocco Ivana Script URW Maxime
Omibez Edda Morgana NF Gf Script No 5 Jackpot Champ Ultra Torino Modern

Are your fonts sitting comfortably?

Ever been concerned that some of the fonts on your company’s computers are illegitimate? Fonts with a dubious provenance – old magazine cover CDs, a random Website – are often illegal copies of commercial fonts. (Yes, your company could be open to legal action if you use such fonts in your work.) They’re also often incomplete, of poor technical quality, and there’s nobody to turn to if you encounter a problem.

An authorized source such as MyFonts guarantees you high quality fonts – with technical support. The correct rights-holders get paid too. And that’s good for your future supply of fonts!

MyFonts can help companies get their font licensing in order. With a list of all the fonts on your computers, we can provide a quote to license them correctly. Our experts can even find the legitimate source when a font has been renamed illegitimately. So you can keep using the font styles you like, reassured both that you have the rights to do so and that the font file is the latest, high-quality version.

Please get in touch at [email protected] for instructions on how to prepare the font lists.


Check out the What’s New and Special Offers pages, and the new Starlets page, for live updates of all the new fonts that go on sale, and the great promotions we run!

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