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Comicraft fonts

Letter from the Editor

This issue’s pick of the new foundries is Comicraft, the original and best-known of the comic lettering wizards who went digital. Read more about them below. Don’t feel left out if you’re not into comics though – speech-balloon lettering works wonders for friendly handouts to schoolkids, and comic display lettering is just dandy for greetings cards, party invitations, kids’ book covers, posters and signs. If you’re into movie-making, try them for the title graphics and for making props.

A promising trend: more foundries are offering fonts as OpenType, as seen with the fun new connecting scripts from profonts each with dozens of ligatures, the exquisite new Atlantica text face from Ricardo Santos, Dederon Sans and Serif from Suitcase, Estilo and Volupia from DSType, and remarkable display fonts from Typodermic – choose these fonts and design just gets a whole lot more fun!

The never-ending trend that is script fonts has a new superstar: the stunning new Ellida (check out the PDF) represents an amazing amount of work by ace designer Gert Wiescher. Display font faves this month: Subyep and Ruby.

Happy font finding!

— Laurence Penney, In Your Face Editor

Comicraft fonts on sale at last!

Zoinks Absolutely Fabulous Spills Pass the Port Matinee Idol Yada Yada Yada

Comicraft (Los Angeles, California) is home to comic artist and lettering superstar Richard Starkings, a true veteran of the comic industry. He is co-author, with studio co-founder John “JG” Roshell, of the definitive book on comic lettering: Comic Book Lettering, the Comicraft Way.

In 1992 Starkings and Roshell pioneered computer fonts in comics. That’s still the focus, but these fonts are the natural choice for cartoons and toon-style movies too. (Tip for font spotters: Toy Story 2, Sky High.) So now to the fonts! WildWords and YadaYadaYada are ideal for speech-balloons – and so are several others based on famous comic letterers’ work. No more excuses for Comic Sans! Display lettering? Thrills, Spills and Chills are essential, but don’t miss Doohickey, Spellcaster, Pass The Port, Gobbledygook, Wiccan series, Matinee Idol, many sci-fi fonts, and Manganese (great name!). For that biff! bam! boom! look, use... BiffBamBoom – or try Smash, Zoinks, Rumble and BattleCry. Marvel, DC Comics and many more publishers all love these guys, as comic lovers the world over will! Here’s the full list of Comicraft fonts.

All Comicraft fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Launching eight more new foundries

Tom Wallace of HiH Retrofonts Figgins Tuscan (Hand-in-Hand, Naugatuck, Connecticut) is a lover of historic typefaces, particularly the period 1815 to 1914 – “typography’s teenage years, messy, conflicted and full of the discovery of the raw power being unleashed” in his evocative words. After a childhood spent kowtowing to Roman forefathers, to extend the metaphor perhaps. Edison HiH fonts impress not least for their full character sets: too often this genre gets just the basics. Our favorites? Figgins Tuscan has pleasing organic shapes: “our interpretation of what Vincent Figgins might have produced in a basic, plain Tuscan form”. Edison has Augsburger Initialen zany coils with the “mechanics of a coiled spring, rather than the tendrils of a growing plant”. Augsburger Initialen might be used for drop caps in any art nouveau design. HiH fonts are just $10.

HiH fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Pretty is the Revenant design studio of Patric King – with friends Su and Milan – in Chicago. The fonts, all by Patric, are geometric. Revenant has a very stretched-out, techno look that’s initially familiar; but on closer inspection it reveals a fascinating approach to the lowercase, almost as if a new alphabet has evolved without human intervention to fit the extreme design brief. Patric says Nineteen Eighty Four is “mechanical, but patently expressive”: Nineteen Eighty Four it’s a diagonal-shunning bitmap, whose letters K, R and X will surely be studied by competitors. Away from fonts, the studio designs very popular websites (Gawker, Gizmodo, Wonkette, Lifehacker), creates images for covers and features of Wired magazine, and much more.

Pretty fonts are 35% off for 4 weeks!

G. Alex Gonzalez of Orange Whip Long Beach, California made a name for himself by getting his very cool free font, El Hombre, distributed via Chank in the late 1990s. Now he’s come up with Orange Whip, a super-friendly all-caps font tailor-made for you to get the look of vintage sign lettering &ndash for just $10.

The fonts are 20% off for 4 weeks!

Grummedia fonts ItalicHand are from Graham Blakelock of Ilkley in England. Old printing and other historical lettering are his source materials. From these he fashions modern computer fonts, some closely based on the sources, others showing inspiration from them. Fifteen36 Fifteen36 and Fourteen64 are modeled on Renaissance printing in Venice. High German is a narrow Fraktur. And ItalicHand uses the surprisingly modern looking Carolingian cursive letterform, resulting in a most legible calligraphic face.

Grummedia fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

profonts of northern Germany have a focus on script and display fonts. Valentine The initial offering is two families of script fonts: Sonora and Valentine. These are jaunty designs, sure to put readers in a good mood! Sonora is the more down-to-earth, Valentine the more delicate. They’re high tech too: Sonora these multilingual fonts are delivered in the OpenType format, and use the technology to swap in special ligatures to get a true joined-up look – over 1000 glyphs in each font! OpenType works on both Windows and Mac. Though a new foundry, Profonts are very experienced making fonts: they’re directed by Peter Rosenfeld and Dr. Jürgen Willrodt, both of URW++.

profonts fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

The Wundes Foundry Ossuary of Hayward, California features fonts by John B. Wundes – graphic designer, website designer and Flash programmer – who now turns his hand to the labor of love that is font making. His Ossuary font is named after the place where human bones are stored, and the font itself doesn’t disappoint. Each and every letter and numeral is fashioned from skulls. The skulls are arranged respectfully into proportions of classical lettering, not haphazardly like some novelty fonts. Use in big sizes, but sparingly – perhaps with just one or two letters at a time.

Wundes fonts are 50% off for 3 weeks!

Fontron fonts Foldron are from Ronald Underwood, a British advertising designer. The lettering in his logos struck Ronald as a good basis for font designs, so this is the result. The fonts – Halfron, Sideron, Arcron and Foldron – are all best used in short texts of just a few characters, so we can easily imagine many more logos being produced from them. We particularly like Foldron – the ambiguity of its folds (which parts are overlapping which other parts?) works very well, and it’s a natural for imaginative coloring.

Fontron fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Dimitre Lima of Gatu DMTR.ORG, a creative designer from Sao Paulo, writes computer programs to explore artistic fields. His fonts are proud products of this outlook. To us they are strangely reminiscent of minimalist, electronic music. 0Gatu, a lowercase-only design, is made almost entirely of circular segments. 0Arame 0AFerrugem is based on a similar idea, uppercase-only this time, with a different, less alien result. 0Arame is a more legible uppercase, similar letters designed to be read by computers. 0Decomputer has a humorous Hurt version: Dimitre thereby reminds us that computers feel pain too...

DMTR.ORG fonts are 30% off until Jan 31!

More Fonts from our Current Foundries

Atlantica Ellida Calafragalistic Equate Extreme Geo
Barrista Croteau Heroid Kadonk Report Venacti
Wubble Grit Egyptienne Angeline Scrapbook Entrails BB Mastermind BB
Zooom BB 42nd Street Boffo Bronco Rose Blackhaus Geronimo
Go Leather Nuke Rostrum Sterling Script Sultan
Plan Medina Gothic Blue Goblet Estilo Volupia Puzzler
Lynchburg Saloonkeeper Cross Ornaments Ultimate Ornaments Driade P22 Curwen
P22 Komusubi P22 Monumental Titling P22 Yule Matts Dinosaur Stencils LTC Artscript LTC Christmas Ornaments
LTC Forum Title LTC Goudy Text LTC Halloween Ornaments LTC Holly Leaves LTC Kennerley LTC Ornaments Three
LTC Ornaments Two LTC Remington Typewriter LTC Twentieth Century Maza Ballyhaunis NF Chantilly Lace NF
Foxcroft NF Helena Handbasket NF Inglenook Corner NF Kifisia Antigua NF Kirschwasser NF Mohair Sam NF
Rassetta NF Rocking The Kasbah NF OL Movie Title Gothic Xantigo Battista Bender Head AEF
Ruby Sundae Areplos Subikto One Subyep Subzoete
Dederon Sans Dederon Serif Bougainville Freakshow V-Hand Unciala
Papas Royal Classic Tamara Cinnamon Yasmine Mutamathil ASTYPE Ornaments Christmas B
Vecta Vecta Serif Aetna Tuscan Egyptian Archive Black Title Text Archive German Text


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