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Letter from the Editor

For some time there have been two companies whose fonts we would consistently get asked about by you, our customers. Until recently we had to disappoint you. Now, with the debut of both Berthold Types and Ascender Corporation, we can satisfy your desires right here at MyFonts. Berthold has a host of famous names and high quality classic and up-to-date designs to tempt you – Akzidenz-Grotesk is the superstar, but there are tons more you’ll recognize. Does Catull ring a bell? It’s the Google logo font.

Ascender, while not known to so many, has been entrusted with the mission to bring the well-known Microsoft core fonts to the retail market – that means PostScript and OpenType versions of fonts you know well (Verdana, Comic Sans, Trebuchet, and many more), and less well known fonts such as Nina (ideal for low-resolution text) and Curlz now get a worldwide exposure.

With its narrow setting and consquent economy of space, particularly when compared with Verdana, Nina will be of particular interest to designers creating interfaces for low resolution displays. So that’s not just websites, but phone, PDA and gadget interfaces too.

Have you noticed? Our font counter is almost up to 2,000,000 fonts sold! Back in early 2000, in those days of a mere handful of orders a day, I can’t deny there were some nervous moments when we wondered whether the MyFonts project would take off. Many thanks to all our customers past and present for making MyFonts the #1 place on the web to buy fonts! Thanks to the font makers too!

Don’t forget to check out the amazing discounts that all the new foundries have put in place. (And you have only until March 31 to take up the amazing 35% discount on all Canada Type fonts.). Happy font finding!

— Laurence Penney, In Your Face Editor

Berthold and Ascender now on sale

Berthold TypesAkzidenz-Grotesk BQ Berthold was founded in Berlin by Hermann Berthold in 1858. Sixty years later it was the largest type foundry in the world, already with an enviable reputation for quality. In 1952 Berthold made the move to the next technological leap – filmsetting – and in the 1980s, to digital.

Akzidenz-Grotesk is perhaps the best known Berthold type family. From its launch in 1898 it was so popular that soon two German competitors, Stempel and Bauer, were spurred to issue similar designs. The 1920s fascination with the Modernist movement gave geometric sans-serifs a temporary edge. But by the 1950s the grotesk style was back: not only Akzidenz-Grotesk, but also several major new designs from Switzerland. Since then demand for mechanical and humanist forms has always been outstripped by grotesques, and Akzidenz-Grotesk today remains a smart choice. Other notable and popular sans-serifs are Barmeno, Formata, Imago, Cosmos, and Delta.

As for serif text faces, Concorde (1969) makes a fine alternative to Times, the usual choice for legible “news” typefaces. Others to note include Schneider-Antiqua, Vergil, Nordling, Nofret, Epikur, and the calligraphic Catull – Google’s logo font.

In recent years creative Poppl-Residenz BQ work centers on the “type atelier” in Munich where Dieter Hofrichter and Bernd Möllenstädt work with type design master craftsman Günter Gerhard Lange. Lange’s association with Berthold dates back to 1950. Recent output includes the major Scotch roman, Whittingham (2000) and Werner Schneider’s Senatus (2003) – supremely elegant lettering from classical Rome captured in type, a fine alternative to the overused Trajan.

Herbert Post, Poppl-Residenz BQ his prolific student Friedrich Poppl (of the exquisite scripts), and Luis Oppenheim must not be forgotten in a perusal of Berthold typefaces. A favorite of ours is Oppenheim’s blackletter-inspired Fanfare (1927), still funky and bang up-to-date.

Berthold’s revivals of type design classics round off the collection. Overseen by G.G. Lange they include Baskerville, Garamond, Arrighi, Kis, Walbaum, Bodoni and more.

Berthold fonts are 10% off for 4 weeks!

Nina Ascender Corporation Comic Sans Arial Georgia Curlz Old English Text Verdana – From just north of Chicago, Ascender is a team of experts in type design and font development with long experience of working with Microsoft, Apple and major publishers. Indeed they helped to develop the core fonts used by millions (or is it billions?) every day in Microsoft Office and on the web.

The well-known fonts include Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Georgia, and Verdana.

In offering these fonts for retail sale, Ascender now makes them available in PostScript format –?something many graphic designers desire. Also, some of the fonts that were not so widely distributed get worldwide exposure: we’re delighted that Matthew Carter’s Nina (essentially Verdana Condensed) is now on sale. As are Curlz and Old English Text.

The fonts also all exist in TrueType format with “hinting” of the very highest standard. In other words, at those all-important tiny sizes, each and every pixel rendered by the font has been approved by a type designer.

Such fonts are ideal for system interfaces, intensive text editing and prolonged reading. If you care about multilingual issues, the TrueType versions are some of the most capable fonts in terms of language coverage ever created. These super-hinted, polyglot fonts are priced a little higher, reflecting their extra development.

Ascender fonts are 40% off for 2 weeks!

Launching fourteen more new foundries!

JOEBOB Graphics brings Dear Joe 1 us the designs of JoeBob. He’s a Dutch illustrator, painter and, as you’ll see, a devotee of subliminal advertising. “Stop using Times New Roman in children’s books!” he demands. We couldn’t agree more (but please don’t tell Ascender and Monotype we said that). Billie Barred JoeBob’s suggestion is to use his BrunoBook instead, a casual but confident hand with serifs that are, to say the least, assertive. His other designs are all handwriting-based, notably the debonair DearJoe series and the rather obsessive BillieBarred. And how does JoeBob feel when he sees his fonts in use? “Almost like tagging the town without leaving the door!”

JOEBOB fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks! (except Dear Joe)

Jeff Levine fonts come, Edison naturally enough, from Jeff Levine himself – a Miami designer who’s been in love with letters since childhood. Much more recently he was encouraged to develop a collection for retail. Groovy Happening We imagine the wide Brogado sitting comfortably outside a wild-west saloon, and Doowop adorning a poster for 1950s culture. All you hipsters who want to bring back the sixties had better check out Groovy Happening. And remember the Blue Parrot nightclub from Casablanca? Jeff does. He’s recreated the lettering from its sign, and made the Blue Parrot font available for all.

Jeff Levine fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Studiocharlie Pied De Poule is a group of designers from Brescia, Italy – Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Scorda and Vittorio Turla. One can well imagine their fonts used on the furnture and clothing that the studio also produces. Cat-lovers get an entire font: Gattofont is 62 different cat silhouettes! Gattofont Stereotype is a wide techno design. And Pied De Poule (with associated ornaments font) is a monoline design, each letter created as if with a single thread.

Studiocharlie fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Prototype Fonts Velvet Velour are the work of Brooklyn designer Charles Wilkin. Back in 1994 he started to reinterpret his hand-done illustrations as digital typography. His type designs show a diversity from the cute, hand-drawn style all the way to experimental manipulations with digital forms. Superchunk Our favorite in the first category has to be Superchunk –?we’d say its letters and pics were ideal for punk rock posters, but that’s not quite right unless punk got funnier while we were away... Velvet Velour is our fave in the second category: it’s pop, it’s manga ... is it squeezed from a toothpaste tube?

Prototype Fonts fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Intellecta Design Inox is the outlet for the experimental type designs of Paulo W from Brazil. Further consigning to history the days when Caslon Antique was your only option, Dovtrina Christam Concani 1622 makes a fine new addition to the range of evocative, antiqued book fonts. Dovtrina Christam Concani 1622 His other fonts, such as ExperiTypo4 and the remarkably metallic Inox, are based on distorting and roughing up more modern sources.

Intellecta Design fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Alphabet Design Kalendar is a graphic design studio in Oakville, Ontario, its type design the responsibility of Boris Mahovac. The three fun typefaces are: Kalendar, based on geometric lettering in a calendar designed by Croatian architect Ivica Kis; Borek Borek, a funky geometric font with some features of very high-legibility lettering; and Fat Trace, a definitely NON-geometric rough, naive design, with an outlined version.

Alphabet Design fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Hijinx, Haircult a design studio from New York, has come up with a super-cute font of hair-styles. Haircult is a fun font full of hair-styles from the fifties and sixties by Catherine Mouttet. Twenty-eight styles, in left and right silhouettes: use upper-case to look right, lower-case to look left.

Hijinx fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Rimmer Type Foundry Albertan is the label of Canadian type designer Jim Rimmer. He’s that rarity, a master of both the traditional and the modern methods of making type. For his Pie Tree Press in Vancouver, Fellowship Jim cut the metal punches the old way for his type designs –?Albertan (text family), Alexander Quill (jaunty, bold, Germanic), Fellowship (fine calligraphy) and Lancelot (delicate savagery!) – later refashioning them from B?zier curves on his Macintosh computer. Edison Other highlights are: Cadmus, based on similar Greek inscriptions as Lithos, to which it’ll make a refreshing alternative; Poster Paint, a quirky cartoony font; and Credo, an honest-to-goodness humanist sans-serif.

The huge Dokument sans-serif family is due soon.

Rimmer fonts are 20% off until April 30!

Lars Törnqvist Typografi Karolinus Fraktur offers an unusual collection of very well-crafted type designs from Swedish linguist and designer Lars Törnqvist. The most useful is Emedan, essentially an unassuming, rounded, all-caps sans-serif. But in this font it is surrounded by a Emedan selection of borders in order to make clear signage: try it out for prices, room signs, number labels, road signs. Karolinus Fraktur is a distinguished blackletter from early 1700s Sweden. Tant Lilian Also notable are the charming “Tant” series of embroidery designs – Tant Lilian, Tant Gertrud, Tant Ulla, Tant Britta –?bitmap fonts our great-grandmothers would know and love!

Lars Törnqvist fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Michael Browers Isoglyphics specializes in the creation of dingbat and display typefaces. We particularly like Isoglyphics, a set of icons that represent the opposite of what icons usually do. Here we have the imperfect, the broken, the crashed Somatica – in short, modern life as train wreck. Perhaps they should be called unicons or anti-icons... Also of note are the messed-up, robotic Somatica and the “civil war between sans and serif” (in Michael’s words) that is Formasi.

Michael Browers fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

BluHead Design CW brings us two designs from New Zealander Joseph Churchward. Although the slab-serif genre can appear rather industrial, Churchward’s Conserif CW has some friendly features: bulging serifs on the ‘E’ and ‘F’ entice one in, and a nice rounded ‘a’ is always appealing. Conserif CW We think it would be suitable for signage where you don’t want to look too authoritarian, maybe even titles for comic strips. Design CW is an altogether more geometric exercise, but with many funky variations. We particularly like the No End style.

BluHead is digitizing Mr Churchward’s entire library, and we are advised to look out for new fonts on a monthly basis.

BluHead fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Archaica Archaica Aramaic-450 is a collection of fonts for scholars and students of the ancient near East. Aramaic 450 lets you write in the ancient Imperial Aramaic alphabet, current during the 6th to 4th centuries BC in the Persian Empire. Nabataean 50 is for the Nabataean language, used in what is now Jordan during the period of the Roman Empire. The fonts are designed by David Yoon in Woodside, New York.

Archaica fonts are 33% off for 4 weeks!

Ali Almasri is a young designer (b. 1986) from Jordan who is offering two fonts, Relaxic and Graphiro. Relaxic Both geometric designs with strongly repetitive elements, they could enhance modern architecture or interior design, rather as Arabic script shapes are sometimes adapted to surrounding styles.

Ali Almasri fonts are 50% off until April 30!

AND H-AND-S is the studio of multi-talented Swiss designer Jean-Beno?t L?vy, who trained under some great names of Swiss typography. He has long had a deep fascination with the expressive power of the human hand, something more cross-cultural, more ancient, than verbal language. This extended project has resulted, after “15 years of incubation and 7 years of creation”, in H-AND-S, a symbol typeface containing almost 200 handsigns of this global language – the first time that so many have been unified in a single graphic style. An international team collaborated in the project. Empty and Full versions depict hands using their dexterity to make themselves signs, and hands manipulating objects.

AND fonts are 35% off for 4 weeks!

More Fonts from our Current Foundries

Some of our favorites this quarter have been New Lincoln Gothic (Bitstream), Ministry and Box Office (Device), Gringo (Volcano), Bourgeois (Virus), Subix (Subcommunications), Card Pro (URW++), Focus (Vanarchiv, formerly known as Ricardo Santos), and the amazing Treasury (Canada Type).

Duck Duck Punx AndrijScript Handasi Archive Tale Doughnut
Fiendstar Norwich Ka Boink Oh Sweet Pea South Beach Renaissance Caps BA
OCR-Be New Lincoln Gothic BT Alter Ego BB Pistolero BB Esquimaux Graphics Macarena
Nouville Birthday Broken Johnny Mayfair Treasury
Brimley Chippewa Falls Trucker Box Office Catseye Gridlocker
Ministry Mulgrave Roadkill Opus Priva Pro Brewmaster
Main Street Cross Ornaments Display Ardent Floral Ornaments Heraldic Creatures Shield Ornaments
Wild Style Alt Gotisch P22 Cruz Brush P22 Cruz Calligraphic P22 Sweepy Maple Oaks
Maza Vexed Boola Boola NF Faerie Queen NF Got That Bling NF Haarlem Nights NF
Okey Dokey NF Pomfrit Dandy NF Posh Soiree NF Union Telegraph NF Hat Doodles P22 Franklin Caslon
Crognita Dreambog Family Cat Meloneads Mulkshake Sodapulp
Smile Greenwood Focus Abdiel Blackthorn Nomarch
Vaquero Bleeker Doradani Draculon Linefeed Mahavishnu
Marion Quasix Skraype Freakshow Flute Koster
Calypso Card Pro Curly Lady Lucida Big Casual Perpedix Unger Chancery
Bourgeois Gringo Dingbats Fleurons Two Imperium Diplomat Granola
North Petronella Portfolio Sepia Gothic Tuscan 8 Jensen Old Style


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