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Letter from the Editor

This issue we’re focusing on small foundries of just one or two people. It’s increasingly common in the font world to see type designers setting themselves up as one or two-person foundries, outside of the well-known font labels. What’s really exciting for us is that we’re finding these small outfits are much quicker to respond to new trends and more willing to take design risks. Which of the twenty-one foundries launching in this In Your Face will go on to great things? We admit we can’t tell – but the inspiring examples of Gert Wiescher, Ronna Penner and Nick Curtis, three out of many talented designers who shot up our bestseller charts with their wonderful font designs, convince us there’s a future star among them.

We’ve mentioned before how pleased we are about the geographical diversity of our designers. But their personal paths that led them to type design are fascinating too. Many of them have impeccable type design or calligraphy training. Others span the spectrum from the handicrafts devotee all the way to the über-geek. But diversity of origin has always been a hallmark of this strange profession!

Happy font finding!

— Laurence Penney, In Your Face Editor

Launching 21 more new foundries!

Turtle Arts Cut is a store in Seattle selling book arts supplies, run by Kerrie Carbary. But Kerrie does much more than run a store! Her enthusiasm for book-binding, collage, and altered books is on display in her book Altered Art Books and Dog Eared Magazine. She now offers to the world the fonts she made for the magazine.

Kerrie has 3 D a knack of producing fonts with a charming naïveté. Add that hand-made look to your designs with Cut (based on Kerrie’s own hand-carved rubber stamps), 3D (“a hand-doodled font with irrational perspective”), Handprint (based on metal alphabet stamps Scripty and ideal for grungy headlines), ultra-cute Scripty, and many others.

(One more thing... Kerrie tells us that some years ago when her mom worked in a print shop, she’d sit under the desk and cut up old type books to create letter collages. Sheesh! Some of those things are worth a fortune now, but we’re glad they inspired you! – Ed.)

Turtle Arts fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Ryan Ford is Fonce Sans Pro a typographic designer from southern California. His new sans-serif is Fonce Sans, a monoline series in two weights with small capitals. Ryan’s open about the influence of famous designs – DIN, Helvetica, Interstate, and Trade Gothic to be precise – but he notes a certain Dutch flavor in the resulting blend. A tall x-height aids legibility.

Ryan Ford fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

T4 of Mixtra Slabserif Stockholm, Sweden brings us the fonts of Bo Berndal and Torbjörn Olsson. Bo started his typographic career during WW2 as a Linotype operator (imagine a typewriter as big as a car that produces lines of type in lead...). He went on to be a book designer, a graphic designer, a type designer, a calligrapher of considerable renown, and the principal of an ad agency. Batory MyFonts offers many of his 100+ fonts already. New from T4 are: Mixtra, a harmonious set of sans, serif and slabserif designs – a “multiface” to use Bo’s word; and the Batory/Batoswash pair, the latter being a swash version of the ultra-futuristic former. Torbjörn’s font is Havel, Havel an interpretation of a confident, condensed type from 1930s Czechoslovakia. Appropriately it comes in OpenType and covers most central and eastern European languages.

T4 fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Fontware, EAN13 based in southern England, is a company that’s been digging inside fonts since 1987 – tuning them up, putting them to new uses, getting them working on obscure software and hardware. Their products are used by 1000s of customers worldwide, including at 10 Downing Street! Now the focus is on bar code fonts, effectively turning standard business and consumer computers into bar code printing machines: not just Windows, but Mac and Linux too. The bar code packs come with an auto-ending utility, they support Crystal Reports, and come with easy-to-use add-ins for Microsoft Office. As for the range of codes, Fontware head honcho Kevin Coolbear assures us: “we offer a complete range, EAN and UPC for product codes, Code 128 for carton tracking, Code 39 for general purposes, ITF for numeric only.” Packages are $169 each.

Fontware fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!

MA Design Kirkby is from Matlock in England. Designer Alastair Bush has created Kirkby, a friendly hand-drawn font suitable for children’s party invitations and many other uses where fun and a lack of intimidation are important!

MA Design fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

DC Design Bastardre Hand is the foundry of Drena Clementino of southern California. She’s released Bastardre Hand, a font based on 14th century calligraphy. It aims for an authentic scribal feel for longer texts rather than going overboard with flourishes. We agree with her recommendations for its use in medieval-themed games and movies.

DC Design fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Fly FontsBAD AZZ main man Lee Henry is from northern England, where he started designing fonts for his own magazine projects. Now he works in London as a publication designer, and has a line of funky display fonts on geometric themes. Bad Azz and React are our picks.

Fly Fonts fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

FSdesign-Salmina Atoxina is the studio of Filippo Salmina from Zürich, Switzerland. He’s sent us a couple of fonts, Atoxina and Btoxina, designed especially for the burgeoning market of starships and other space cruisers. The fonts are ideal for internal and external use (including zero-g and occasional bursts of cosmic rays), and with their simplified forms are expected to survive well in non-linear galaxies. With their unusual diagonal half-pixels the fonts are striking as abstract designs at astronomical sizes, where small text may be placed within the black holes formed inside the letters.

FSdesign-Salmina fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Jelloween Chewy Blossom is the personal project of Dutch digital artist Tjarda Koster. She’s still studying, but has brought several pixel fonts to fruition, and now also Chewy Blossom, a super-friendly display sans-serif. She tells us that when her free pixel font, Charriot Deluxe, was featured on the front page of deviantART (the artists’ hang-out site) it was downloaded 20,000 times! Looks to us ideal for crystal-clear small text in Flash and other graphics.

Jelloween’s Chewy Blossom is 50% off for 4 weeks!

DolWork RES is the name on the fonts of Gerben Dollen. He’s from Groningen in the Netherlands, but he’s studied in California too. Inspired by that noted Dutch import to California Max Kisman, whose classes he took in San Francisco, Gerben offers us the chunky display font RES. While it works well for small magazine headlines, Gerben’s samples feature dumper trucks and he also suggests oil tankers and skyscrapers as appropriate uses. No messing with RES!

Yanone Pochoir (a.k.a Jan Gerner) is from Weimar, Germany, where he studied graphic design at the Bauhaus University. His font is Pochoir, a stencil design in clean and “splotched” versions. He explains that Paris street art inspired him to redraw Underware’s Dolly (with permission) in a spray-stencil style, making many adjustments to weight and character shapes to bring about Pochoir. The stencil cut-lines are particularly judiciously drawn, we think.

Yanone fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

upirTYPO Scribel offers three font families from Czech designer Vaclav Krejci. Scribel is an inky script that looks like someone is having fun adding serifs to their hand-writing. More ambitious is Pixelanky. With this series of 6 pixel fonts (including bold and condensed variants, with and without pixel-flourishes) you’ll be enable to make entire typographic layouts in Flash, or make use of that bitmap style on CD covers and band flyers. Suprexy Suprexy is his newest: its pro-level TrueType hinting allows this monospace font to shine at tiny sizes for UI text. It looks just dandy larger (see for yourself in Vaclav’s samples). As one might expect, the fonts have a full complement of central European characters.

DonkeyWorx, Flacrobats based in Warwick, England offers fonts full of useful symbols. Buttoneer is targeted at media controls such as play, stop, fast-forward – you Flash designers out there will like that. Flacrobats contains lots of abstract shapes such as stars, spirals and fleurons in its A style, and cute aliens, Buttoneer ghosts and animals in the B style. We think they’re ideal for puzzle books and children’s text books, as well as Flash or web icons.

DonkeyWorx fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Bomparte’s Fonts: Hamptons BF The design education of John Bomparte could hardly be better – for ten years he was a protégé of New York type design legend Ed Benguiat at the equally legendary Photo-Lettering Inc. His Hamptons typeface is a highly legible example of how America responded to the European influx of intensely researched sans-serifs in the 1920s – with the theatrical, much less formal approach of so many American 1930s sans.

Bomparte fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Sonic Savior Antediluvian offers its Antediluvian font. This series in 5 styles comes from a very unusual inspiration – primeval harmonic proportions that might have existed in alphabets before known civilizations. This gives it a “futuristic” geometry and forms that are unfamiliar yet oddly suitable, a combination that suggests alien languages or alternate realities. A sound engineer and a graphic designer worked with Dutch alchemist Senior Zadith to concoct the typeface.

Flat-it Jaguarundi is a foundry from Nagoya, Japan, run by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. He shows quite a talent designing for our Latin script. The initial offering is the broken-up, rough italic font, Jaguarundi. The name comes from a threatened species of wild cat from South America.

Flat-it fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!

TNB StealWerks (The Northern Block) is a creative group from Yorkshire, England. Jonathan Hill’s angular, geometric fonts BlockOut and StealWerks bring to mind computer games from the 1980s, heavy-duty equipment, and hard-wearing clothing.

TNB fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

Aksharasarovara Cut Sans Serif fonts are by B. Manojkumar Bhawsar, from Madhya Pradesh in India. His Cut Sans Serif series of 6 styles experiments with separating vertical strokes from horizontals, an exploration of the design space also thrown up (of necessity) by LED displays.

Henning Skibbe Arctic comes from near Berlin, Germany, and offers us a well-thought-out font series called Arctic, which we think will work well on book jackets and as chapter headings. It comes in 5 weights from extra-light to black, and although it’s a display design it shows a fine understanding of text type design. This dual nature is perhaps explained by Henning’s background in graffiti before he took Luc(as) de Groot’s type design course!

Henning Skibbe fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

SMeltery Vernissage was started in 2002 by Jack Usine of Bordeaux, France “to show and share his typographic investigations”. At first sight his Vernissage, originally designed for an art center in Milan, is a straightforward, sturdy, wide display sans with a stencil variant. But its subtler features don’t take long to emerge: bold flares for C, L, S and T, and careful placement of the stencil cuts. That said, it’s still very much a vernacular style – use it to avoid formality, yet at the same time avoid appearing uncouth.

SMeltery fonts are 50% off for 4 weeks!

More Fonts from our Current Foundries

066 Army Bart Script No 1 Circus Poster Shadow Dujour Lindsey Pro Pericles Pro
Serendipity Roelandt BT Veracruz BT Mjollnir BB Skin Deep BB Soylent Blu BH
Ta Tiki CW Bronco Billy Curacao Las Flores Papillon Stencilado
Diode Chalice Coconut Collector Comic Doobie Genie
Goudy Two Shoes Hamlet Lipstick Oxygen Swan Song Adrianna
Phat Boi Speeding Bullet Poozer Qurillian EstiloScript ClickBits
Old Thunder Elegant Ornaments Paint Cans Rase Basic Rase Tribals Publicity Headline
P22 Allyson P22 Peanut P22 Zaner Framealot TTF TATTOEF World War Warplanes
Class Project JNL Millport JNL Sonopa LTC Caslon Remix Loza Beagle Boyz NF
Korner Deli NF Midtown Tessie NF Quoi Chou NF Scary Scrimshaw NF Xanthippe NF Baby Doodles
P22 FLLW Midway P22 Gauguin Ariergard Rondo AuktyonZ Flex Kapelka
KvadratZ Mag Mixer News Gothic Plastilin Venetian 301 Demented Avenger
Loveslick Adagio Pro Ballerina Pro RTF Isabelle Abelarde Lil Milton AEF
Cactus Flower SG Catacumbes Charliedog Diva Pop Buxotic Cinecav X
Corzinair Korataki Kwokwi Lonsdale Mikadan Xenu
Cucaracha Mountain Stich Me Ya Vez Alpha Echo Bodoni Classic Cyrillic
Cyrillic Latino Fleurons Four Fleurons Three Futura Classic Scribe Swanson
Ying 360 Canette Greedy Goose Antique Shadow Clarendon

TypeCon fonty extravaganza in Boston

TypeCon 2006, the annual fonty bash put on by SOTA (the Society of Typographic Aficionados) is happening this year on August 9–13. This time it’s in Boston, which also happens to be MyFonts’ very own ’hood! Speakers include those eminent Bostonian typos – David Berlow, Matthew Carter and Mike Parker – as well as numerous newer stars. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about typography, take workshops in old and new techniques of printing and type design, and meet the guys and girls behind the typefaces... then there’s truly no better place! I’ll be there, as well as others from the MyFonts team: John Collins, Kevin Woodward, Bob Thomas and Adam Twardoch.
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