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Take me there with fonts!

Letter from the Editor

There are times when it’s a good idea to use a soothingly rational font, neutral in its cultural references. Times when you’re wary of putting off a reader by a too-distinctive choice of font. That’s all very well. But this issue of In Your Face is not one of those times, so ... naturally we’ll avoid Times!

Instead we’re talking about how fonts help you evoke countries and cultures with your designs. We’ll take two approaches: the serious and the not-so-serious. With the serious fonts, they’ll be deeply rooted in that culture, probably designed by a native, respectful of history, literature, and all that stuff. And the others? Well, let’s just say they pay their light-hearted respects to peoples from around the world.

If you ever write or make designs about food and drink from around the world, about somewhere you’ve been (or want to go), or about cultures and subcultures that exist nearer home despite the pressure of the mainstream, then this is for you! This issue we highlight Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland and India. Watch out for more in the coming months.

Enjoy the issue and happy font finding!

— Laurence Penney, In Your Face Editor

Take me there with fonts!


You’re spoilt P22 Kells Extras for choice if you need fonts and symbols on an Irish theme. The famous Book of Kells from 800AD inspires P22 Kells (& Extras). Ireland confronts its fantastical past (or future?) in P22 Phantasmagoria. Missale Lunea Celtic knots get a good showing in Celtic Knots BA and in the totally over-the-top alphabetic font Knotwork. Best of all is Missale Lunea, surely the most delicious Uncial typeface ever created.


With a billion ITC Simran people speaking 22 official languages, I must admit it feels a little silly suggesting a font might conjure up "India" as a whole. Most of our India-pastiche fonts use the "washing line" idea from the Devanagari script – Faux Sanskrit, Modakshar, Sansara, and ITC Simran – one of the most sensual fonts ever created. RA Ganesh is one of several collections of Hindu symbols.


Although the ITC Bodoni 72 typeface has been with us for so long its nationality is not obvious to other than cognoscenti, Bodoni remains the natural choice for Italian text fonts. However it seems like every foundry has had a go creating their ideal cut of the 18th century master’s work! Which to choose? With its three versions – 6, 12 and 72Goudy Trajan/ for use at different sizes, ITC Bodoni is the classy choice. Gert Wiescher’s Bodoni Classic is also a strong contender. Both avoid the “designed with compasses” look of some Bodonis, and they have beautiful ornament sets too. Gert adds deco capitals, even humorous swashes! P22 Operina

Going back in time, the ancient Romans would be pleased the letters from Trajan’s Column (120 AD) are exemplars that inspire font designers even today: try Goudy Trajan, La Gioconda (with its superb lower-case), or the easy choice, Adobe Trajan. P22 Il Futurismo

The Italians have a splendid history of calligraphy and lettering: try Cresci, Pacioli, and P22 Operina (which, remarkably, even has Cyrillic and Greek). Oh and finally, don’t miss Il Futurismo!


Helvetica and Helvetica World Univers are the clean (some might say soulless...) Swiss faces you see everywhere. Recently, Helvetica’s going even more places with Helvetica World: she speaks Greek, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic among many other languages. Venus

But to avoid the plain one and the scientific one, choose Venus, Folio or Imago.

Reams have been written on reaching high typographic ideals by the Swiss. Let’s sum up: generous margins on the page, conceive a grid and stick to it, don’t change font size, let alone the font, often, never center headings, and (John, can I say this?) never use anything but Helvetica!


In the 20th Minion Greek century European and American foundries added Greek letters to their typefaces. Now we’ve got the verdicts of Greek typography experts: they’re mostly ugly bolt-ons!

So nowadays Linotype, Bitstream and many others regularly seek the advice they should have sought earlier, and the Hellenic font world is a happier place. Local expert Natasha Raissaki tells us that Minion and Myriad (both by Robert Slimbach for Adobe) will please the Greeks.


You might test their patience with Greek pastiches for feta cheese packaging or an ouzo bottle label, but we’ll mention them anyway: Kouros, Skia, Syntax Lapidar, Lithos, Kaffeesatz, and ... (they’ll just love this!) P22 Acropolis.

Take me there suitcase

Launching ever more foundries

Samuelstype Colin Samuels April Samuels fonts come from the hand of Hans Samuelson of Stockholm, Sweden. Many of his type designs come out of packaging design projects. Colin Samuels is our favorite of the four families, a super-confident grotesque sans-serif with 4 weights from Thin to Bold. Rosemary Samuels is a much more humanist sans, again in a useful range of weights, while April Samuels and Rebecca Samuels are his serif fonts.

Samuelstype fonts are 40% off for 4 weeks!

Fonticon Mannequin is the outlet for the remarkable Mannequin font by Joe John Mittler of Finland. Lest some decry this as the bizarre work of an obsessive, we can imagine dressmakers and health professionals finding this collection of 720 line-drawn depictions (yes, 720!) of the female form rather useful. All body sizes covered (and uncovered).

Fonticon fonts are 45% off for 4 weeks!

Outras Fontes Maryam is Ricardo Esteves Gomes and Jarbas Barros Gomes, who work out of Vitória in Brazil and started their foundry in 2006. Their font Maryam uses the OpenType format to mimic friendly handwriting, numerous ligatures (specially-designed letter combos) automatically appearing as you type. A more generous character set than is usual with script fonts, plus an accompanying font of a more ‘swash’ nature, round off this well-considered offering.

Outras Fontes’ Maryam family is 35% off for 4 weeks!

Andinistas Denedo is a design studio started in 1998 by Carlos Fabián Camargo in Venezuela, later moving to Bogotá, Colombia. Many graphic artists love the work of M.C. Escher. One such was the late Nedo Mion Ferrario, who in the 1970s presented an alphabet on those impossible 3D themes. Carlos has revived and digitized these letters, completing the typeface as Denedo, a superbly original set in three styles. Nikona Their other font, Nikona is designed by Carlos with Rafael Rincón, and reflects a fascination with digital imperfection: what happens when computers go wrong, when robots malfunction even while trying to help us? Nice to see that Asimov’s classic Three Laws of Robotics inspired the names of each style in the font.

Andinistas fonts are 30% off for 4 weeks!

New Renaissance Fonts Alice Scrolltip Roman is run by musician/artist David Kettlewell, who has teamed up with artist/calligrapher Richard Bradley and others to bring out a line of charming, decorative fonts. Richard’s an old hand at font-making, with Bible Script, Fine Hand, Calligraphic Ornaments and Bradley Hand to his name. Karins Lombardy Caps Alice Scrolltip Roman is Richard’s flowing script with a thick and a thin for every stroke. Sevillia starts with a set of tiles inspired by the street names in Seville, Spain, then adds two matching text fonts. Karin’s Lombardy Caps and Soest St Mary – from a church embroidery – complete the initial font collection. Sevillia The emphasis at New Renaissance is on preserving “hand-measured beauty and human balance”, as David puts it. Lots of examples show you how the fonts can look in use.

New Renaissance 50% off for 4 weeks!

SIAS Andron Corpus Publix stands for “Signographical Institute Andreas Stötzner”, a label that indicates the devotion of its designer, who’s from Saxony, Germany. SIAS offers a range of fonts containing graphic symbols. SIAS Gramma gives us a set of basic graphic shapes, SIAS Lineaturen is for composing more ambitious designs from simple elements, SIAS Freefont while Andron Corpus Publix is a collection of transport-related symbols ideal for maps. There’s also SIAS Freefont which gives you a taste of SIAS fonts, as the name suggests, for free.

SIAS fonts are 25% off for 4 weeks!

Schriftgestaltung Olive Green Mono is the foundry of Georg Seifert of Leipzig, Germany. His font is Olive Green Mono, a family of four weights, each with a regular and a proper, lively cursive and full European character set. Mono is short for monospace, a kind of typeface that’s difficult to design without giving a lumpy look to paragraphs: narrow ‘i’ and wide ‘W’ must fit to the same width. The name ’Olive Green’, a soothing even color if ever there was one, indicates Georg’s satisfaction that his confidently deployed and fearlessly suppressed serifs (along with the typeface’s other fine touches) have achieved the desired result – ’an even gray value’ in typographic parlance.

Schriftgestaltung’s Olive Green Light is FREE for a limited period! Other weights 40% off for 4 weeks!

Scholtz Fonts African Pattern of Durban, South Africa, was started by artist and designer Anton Scholtz in 1997, and specializes in fonts with an African flavor. Umkhonto Why? Because there’s a serious lack of African-inspired fonts on the market! Seventeen families, one of them a fascinating font of African Patterns are on offer.

Scholtz Fonts are 45% off for 4 weeks!

Gustavo Lassala Adrenalina is a designer and professor in São Paulo, Brazil. That city’s phenomenon of pixação, a highly distinctive form of narrow, semi-legible graffiti with strange hints of Fraktur letters, simply begs to be examined in more detail. What better way to learn than by doing? Gustavo’s font Adrenalina Normal is his adaptation of the lettering as as font, created from numerous photos of São Paulo pixações. How many professors that you know are also graffiti artists?

Gustavo Lassala fonts 40% off for 4 weeks!

wkklee Bohy is the foundry of Wai Lee in Canada. His font Bohy is constructivist, playing with circles and squares and giving a surprisingly legible result. Try making semi-abstract backgrounds with just a few letters set very large. Or make patterns with dense text in a color only subtly different from the background layer. Or multi-colored... the possibilities are endless!

Amber Phillips, Ambie Skratch from Cary in Illinois, offers us her scratchy, grunge font. Appropriately, it’s named Ambie Skratch. Amber is keen to get into publication design, ideally for an experimental or design mag. I wonder if she’ll dare choose Ambie Skratch for her résumé!

Amber Phillips fonts 40% off for 4 weeks!

LightHouse Ayasha is run by David Hamuel of Los Angeles. While he is adept with all the great writing systems of Europe and the Mediterranean, the seven typefaces he launches with are all Hebrew designs. What a variety they are: sparkling Shirah 25, monoline Shirah-Joie, chunky and friendly Ayasha, the historically-informed Hamuel Nine Five, and others.

Lindstrom Design Elfin is from Glendora, CA, and represents the designs of J. Nils Lindstrom. He’s been an instructor of type and letterforms for 20 years at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He’s come out with Elfin, a wispy, magical, elvish font based on the writing inside the Ring of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”.

Lindstrom Design fonts are 25% off for 4 weeks!

Christian Büning Rolli is from Münster in Germany and offers one font, a collection of icons for wayfinding signs – Rolli , drawn by Elisabeth Schwarz. It’s a clear and bold design in an international style, and is specialized for helping disabled people in public places.

Christian Büning fonts 50% off for 4 weeks!

Linotype += 100

* STOP PRESS * Linotype’s amazing collection has just had a major update at MyFonts: there’s been a freshening up of the whole library. Particularly useful is the expansion of many hundreds of their fonts, including the most well-known, to a full European Latin character set, including not just the familiar French and German characters, but also including Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Turkish and Baltic sets. Choosing fonts for international use just got more exciting! All fonts are in the future-proof OpenType format.

We mentioned Helvetica World in the “Take me there with fonts” feature, but this giant that speaks Hebrew, Arabic and Vietnamese as well as Greek and Russian is worth an extra mention! Among the plethora of new families now available, don’t miss Zapf’swonderful new Palatino Sans and Palatino Sans Informal.

In all, that’s well over 100 new and updated Linotype families now shipping from MyFonts.

Linotype flags

Indie Fonts 3

For many Indie Fonts 3 of us, the experience of typography on the printed page cannot be matched by that on the screen. Let’s face it, even super-duper anti-aliasing with LCD enhancements from boffins at Microsoft, Adobe and Apple (ClearType™, CoolType™ and ATSUI™) is no match for the 2,540 dpi of modern offset lithography on coated paper. That’s over 6.4 megapixels per square inch! So we’re delighted to announce we have in stock the latest of the splendid Indie Fonts specimen books.

Indie Fonts 3, published by P-Type Publications of Buffalo, NY, features the work of 20 independent foundries in a showing of over 1900 fonts. You’ll be impatient to try out many of the fonts in the catalog, so, as with previous Indie Fonts 1 and Indie Fonts 2 (some copies still available) there’s a CD of 53 fonts selected from the foundries in the book.

Note that this is the limited edition hardcover version with dust jacket.

Shipping now at $39.95 + delivery (10% off until May 31)

Foundries featured: Baseline Fonts, Blue Vinyl Fonts, Device Fonts, E-phemera Fonts, Font Bros, Handselecta, Jeremy Tankard Typography, Ken Munk, Letterhead Fonts,, Positype, Process Type Foundry, Rimmer Type Foundry, Shinn Type Foundry, SparkyType, Suitcase Type Foundry, Suomi Type Foundry, Village, Virus Fonts, and Wilton Foundry

More Fonts from our Current Foundries

Kurversbrug Neue Steinschrift Eyeliner AOE Phoenica Std Malbeck Sinkwitz Gotisch
Penny Boilerplate Broadveau Museum Initials Road Stencil Sprouts
Wopi Script No 3 Document Hunniwell Arabetic Sans Serif Arabetic Serif Fallujah
Mother Hen AOE Quick Handle AOE ASTYPE Ornaments Accolades A SkySerif Alex Bodoni Roma
Pink Mouse Yakety Yak Hebrewish Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Nevia BT Pro Cloudsplitter BB
HeartBeats BH RoyHand RP Supascript CW Unplugged Abstrak BF GrungeBob BF The World Is A Bunny
Dutch Mediaeval Genesis Hydrogen Redwood Steiner Special Latin Not Wide CT
Darling Nikki FairyTale Foom Asturias Madeleine Marisco
Agedage Insular HU Cigarette Cotoris Daisy  Lau Great Western Happy Holly Day
Foliage Ornaments Holy Ornaments American Advertise 016 Deutsche Poster Decorative Sinfonia Sixties Living
Comikaze Humble Bee Omnidirectional Arrows JNL Public Works JNL Stylor JNL curlyJoe
fancyPens Darkheart Hayate Telephoto Walnut Brazil Pixo Reto
Inferno Dingbats LTC Goudy Ornate LTC Record Title Typo American LT Pacioli Dovshan
Filibuster NF Fuller Brush NF Glyphyx NF Meandro NF Nabuco UltraGotica
OL Qumran Torah Ad Words Blooming Meadow Bogdan Kartell Lidia
Lunokhod Mellnik Peter Skoropis Zoobie Jamboks PTL Attack
Montauk Pro Stobart Superbastone Subytro Argenta Skicack
Frakturbo TapeType Artegio Bodoni Classic Chancery Marzipan Plumage


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