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The 'Rising Stars' font is Softie

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - July '04 (issue 4)

This font is Sattler AS

esponses to our recent customer survey were overwhelming. We selected five prize winners - from over 10,000 survey respondents - in our random drawing. Now on to this edition of Rising Stars, where we feature a "new classic" font family and those informal fonts you're so crazy about.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we sign up new foundries who provide new, innovative fonts. In this 4th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts, including an extensive font family with 24 styles. Click any of the samples to find out more:


Curly Q




Did You Know?
If you like the Rising Stars we feature in this newsletter every month, you might want to check out our What's New section. The What's New pages list new fonts from foundries and designers we have posted to our site in the last 21 days.

Here are some recent fonts featured in What's New:

Secret Scrypt
Cowboy Burt

Best Sellers
One of the frequently overlooked pages on MyFonts is our Best Sellers page.

One pleasant surprise on the best sellers list is Lassigue D'mato from T-26. Designed by typographer Jim Marcus, Lassigue D'mato is flying up the best sellers chart, currently at #48.

Lassigue D'mato
We encourage you to check out the top 50 best-selling fonts at This page is updated daily. You might be surprised at some of the names in the list!

Last Month's Feature and Survey Winners
Last month we featured "Three Rising Stars," including Silentina, the Silent Movie Font. Did you know that Silentina is the inspiration behind another font family?

Click to find out more about this font
Responses to last month's customer survey were overwhelming. Thank you for your suggestions! We selected five prize winners - from over 10,000 survey respondents - in our random drawing. Three of our winners tell us:

"Cooking, decorating and entertaining are my hobbies. My husband and I belong to a gourmet dinner group with four other couples who get together at each other's homes every other month. I am in the process of planning, coordinating and catering my oldest daughter's wedding. With all these 'jobs' to do, finding the perfect font at your site made my day and took one more item off my to do list. Thanks!"
- Lynn Garcia of San Diego, California (winner of an Indie Fonts book)

"Through out the years, I've maintained my freelance through the State of Mind Design. I enjoy creating a client's message, look and feel. makes creativity with type easy. Keep up the good ideas."
- Marilyn Stephens of Treasure Island, Florida (winner of The Cambridge Collection)

"Out-of-hours I'm a ... Stage Manager for 'Zodiac Amateur Operatic Society.' I also write, edit, design, publish and print Zodiac's posters and programmes. I'm not an artist or a print professional but a keen amateur who wishes to know how to do the job properly. And that--of course--includes fonts. Understanding them, choosing them, and buying them. One of my rules, which also applies to books and software: if it's worth using then it's worth paying for."
- Roger Turner of Frodsham, U.K. (winner of an Indie Fonts book)

Thank you, Lynn, Marilyn, and Roger!

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