The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - December ’04 (issue 9)

This font is Sattler AS

ou better not cry, you’d better not pout, I’m telling you why — our new fonts are out! In this edition of Rising Stars, we show you a nicely diverse set of brush script, geometric, and script fonts. Also, don’t miss our Coming Attractions, including highlights of the year and a MyFonts milestone.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we sign up new foundries who provide new, innovative fonts. In this 9th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

P22 Durer Caps from IHOF is four fonts in one. Based on Albrecht Durer's 1525 geometric construction of Roman capitals, this font features A to Z caps only, but with 3 variations: 1) filled; 2) unfilled; and 3) letters only; the last two feature a unique two-color overlay option. A font that resembles handwriting done with a watercolor brush? Why not? Designed by Ray Larabie, Amienne has full upper and lower case, regular numerals, accents, punctuation and some pretty handy arrows. And Gf Script No 4, designed by Matevz Medja, is a newly available font from Gigofonts.

P22 Durer Caps
Gf Script No 4

Gf Script No 4

Did You Know?
Many of our talented foundries and typographers design their own font flags, or the artwork you see featured on the MyFonts home page every day. All of our font flags are actually located on one page:

The best thing about the font flags is that they show typeface design in use. Be sure to check them out! You might get some creative ideas yourself on how to put your fonts to use in your important projects.

Font Flags

Popular Featured Font of the Month

Every day we feature a different font on the MyFonts home page, a great reason to come back to our site. Last month one of our most popular featured fonts was Carbon-14, a new font from Conigilio Type. Carbon-14 comes in different but related designs: Black Tape, Regular, Neo Lite, Neo Regular, Stout, and Artifacts.

Designer Joseph Coniglio tells us that it is “not the first label maker font ever made, but it is acclaimed as the best label maker font in the world, because the starting scans contained more interpretive information, giving the font a far more robust and realistic look, especially in larger display sizes, an inherent characteristic in most Coniglio Type creations.”


Coming Attractions
Drum roll, please.... Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters that will showcase:

  • A look back at the top 10 Rising Stars of 2004: our best and hottest new fonts of this year!

  • A look forward to the sale of the 1,000,000th font on MyFonts: if you buy the one millionth font on our site, you’ll receive a gift coupon for $500 worth of fonts at MyFonts! Watch for the million-font countdown on the MyFonts home page.

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