The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - March ’05 (issue 12)

This font is Sattler AS

ow-wow... wow! MyFonts has really gone to the dogs this month. In this month’s Rising Stars, we also feature the WTF Guru Forum in our Did You Know? piece. The forum lets typeface enthusiasts around the world help identify the fonts in your image. And Gert Wiescher tells us the inspiration behind the Font of the Month.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we sign up new foundries who provide new, innovative fonts. In this 12th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

Bello from Underware is a brush typeface for headline point sizes, and uses OpenType features to display like fluently written handwriting. Ivana Script from URW is a nicely balanced script design, handwritten and calligraphic at the same time without being overly formal. Family Dog is a laid-back handmade font, suitable for most anything!

Bello Script

Ivana Script

Family Dog

Family Dog

Did You Know?
Have you found a font you like in a publication or on the web but don’t know its name? WhatTheFont to the rescue! Our WhatTheFont Guru Forum lets typeface enthusiasts around the world identify the fonts in your image, and gives you the opporunity to help others with theirs. Upload your scanned imaged and submit it to the WTF Guru Forum, where cloak-draped font enthusiasts around the world will help you out!

WTF Guru Forum

Popular Featured Font of the Month

Every day we feature a different font on the MyFonts home page, a great reason to come back to our site. Last month one of our most popular featured fonts was Royal Bavarian, a new font from Wiescher Design. As designer Gert Wiescher explains, “Royal Bavarian was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria around 1834. He was probably the greatest king Bavaria ever had, but fell in disgrace for a short affair with the infamous Lola Montez and subsequently had to abdicate.

“About 20 years ago I happened on an original etching of his type-guidelines for official writers of those days. I always thought it was a very nice Fraktur (Blackletter), not a sturdy militaristic one as most of them are.

Royal Bavarian

“Being me, I started with first tests immediately and then just forgot the font on my computer. When I was sorting out old stuff a couple of months ago I happened on the etchings once again and kept working on the letters.

“The Plain cut is pretty much like the king wanted it. The Fancy cut is more to my liking and very decorative.”

Royal Bavarian

Font Aid III: Fleurons of Hope

Typeface and graphic designers and other artists from around the world were invited to contribute artwork as part of a typeface created exclusively for the Font Aid III effort. Dutch designer Max Kisman, contributor to past Building Letters and SOTA projects, developed the font's concept — a collection of fleurons (also known as flowers or printers' flowers). Much like the poppy, which has become a symbol for honoring the dead and assisting the living victims of war, Font Aid's typographic flowers will serve as a symbol of remembrance and hope; a respectful tribute to those who have lost their lives; a helping hand extended to the survivors; and a reminder of the awesome power of nature.

Fleurons of Hope
More than 220 designers worldwide submitted over 400 fleurons for the collaborative typeface, including Bob Aufuldish, Phil Baines, Peter Bilak, Matthew Carter, Chank Diesel, John Downer, Ed Fella, Verena Gerlach, Yanek Iontef, Jeffery Keedy, Barbara Klunder, Alessio Leonardi, Miles Newlyn, and Sumner Stone. Jim Lyles of Bitstream produced the complex typeface on behalf of Font Aid III.

Fleurons of Hope is now available for sale at MyFonts, with all proceeds going to Direct Relief International. The font will also be bundled with the Building Letters Tsunami Edition, which will be published in late March. SOTA, a US-based non-profit, is acting as a non-partisan organizing body to help coordinate the effort and ensure all funds are distributed appropriately.

We encourage all our customers — past, present and future — to buy generously. We thank you for your support!

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