The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - April ’05 (issue 13)

This font is Sattler AS

ising Stars is one year old this month. Thanks for your e-mails and continued support! In this month’s Rising Stars, we feature an informal handwriting font, a classic font with an embellished twist, and a brushdrawn font.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we sign up new foundries who provide new, innovative fonts. In this 13th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts. Amore

Based on informal handwriting, Amore brings to mind summer vacations and meadows spread with daisies. It's very useful for ads, invitations, picture-cards, and posters.

Bodoni Classic Deco

Bodoni Classic Deco breaks all the rules. This typeface is for all you rebels who want to add a little embellishment to your lives. Available in roman and small caps, the font is great for designing all kinds of cards and certificates.


Inspired by Chinese calligraphy and first drawn with a Sumi brush, Azuki is a casual and loose brushdrawn typeface, but also a decorative face that is very well-balanced.


Did You Know?
Are you new to fonts and overwhelmed by all the choices? Then kick start your font collection with a Value Pack.

Value Packs are special packages offered by participating foundries at competitive prices. Typically you get a selection of fonts of diverse styles, a very economical way to build your personal font library! Some value packs are collected by theme, others have an eclectic mix, while still others contain a foundry’s entire collection.

We have a wide variety of Value Packs, containing anywhere from 2 to 153 font styles. Here are some of your favorites:

Bitstream Fun Packs
Bitstream Fun Packs
P22 Value Packs
P22 Value Packs
Typadelic Collections
Typadelic Collections

Popular Featured Font of the Month

Every day we feature a different font on the MyFonts home page, a great reason to come back to our site. Last month one of our most popular featured fonts was Triplex. Triplex is designer Zuzano Licko’s first sans-serif text design. It evolved from her work with geometric typefaces.

She has interesting insights about legibility today vs. 500-600 years ago: “Typefaces are not intrinsically legible; rather, it is the reader’s familiarity with faces that accounts for their legibility. Studies have shown that readers read best what they read most. Legibility is also a dynamic process, as readers’ habits are ever changing. It seems curious that blackletter type styles which we find illegible today were actually preferred over more humanistic designs during the 14th and 15th centuries. Similarly, type styles which we perceive as illegible today may well become tomorrow’s classic choices.”



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