The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - June ’05 (issue 15)

This font is Sattler AS

une is busting out all over, and this month’s Rising Stars features a nice bouquet of fonts, from the sturdy but contemporary Tandelle to the flowery script font Fleurie and the beautiful grunge script Chato Band. Script fonts do seem to be popular, as you will see in our Featured Font of the Month.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we sign up new foundries who provide new, innovative fonts. In this 15th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

Fleurie is a decorated script and comes in a package of two fonts. Fleurie has decorated capitals and sparingly decorated lowercase letters. Fleurie Plus has heavily decorated capitals and plain lowercase letters. Mix and match as you please! Fleurie

Tandelle opts for balance over modularity without looking cheap. When appearance is everything, Tandelle handles any situation from print work to video with pizzazz. Tandelle

Chato Band is a cursive script font. With slight imperfections between characters, it has unique ink-drawn and vector elements. It comes in 3 families: Chato Band Regular (with the inked look), Smooth (a clean version), and Space (a hybrid design).

Chato Band

Chato Band

Did You Know?
When using our site, do you find fonts that are almost what you need but not quite “right”? We recommend that you try out our “More Fonts Like This” feature.

1. Simply search for the kind of font you want, such as “star-trek” or “klingon.”

2. Next, select a font that interests you, such as Sonic.

3. Then click the “More Fonts Like This” icon.
More Fonts Like This

Like our Font Albums, the “More Fonts Like This” feature is a great way to get ideas on fonts to use for all of your important projects.

Popular Featured Font of the Month

Every day we feature a different font on the MyFonts home page, a great reason to come back to our site. Last month one of our most popular featured fonts was Gf Script No 5 from Gigofonts. The design is a classical roundface script with first and last letter alternates and ornaments.

Gf Script No 5

Gf Script No 5

Gf Script No 5 is the latest in a series of related Gf Script designs:

Gf Script No 2
Gf Script No 5 Ornaments
Gf Script No 4


Last month we featured Esta as one of our three Rising Stars. Esta is climbing up the charts on the Best Sellers list! Very elegant and refined, with several styles, including upper and lowercase ligatures for both regular and bold versions, as well as an expert version for use in tables and graphs, Esta is a typeface family that can be used at all sizes.



“I have never bought a font before, and after struggling through a few web sites looking for the font without any luck, I found I was actually amazed at how easy it was to navigate the web site and view samples until I stumbled upon the ‘exact’ font that I was looking for.... Kudos to your webmaster/designer, and kudos to your content manager. I am certain you will continue to receive my business for years to come.”
— Gregory from Marina Del Rey, California

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