The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - Sept ’05 (issue 18)

This font is Sattler AS

ur fonts this month are so cool they’re hot! This month’s Rising Stars features a new script font from TypeSETit, a rough cursive font from Positype (currently, the #1 Starlet), and the hip, swinging Sinzano from Typodermic. In this issue’s Focus on Design Trends, we take a look at decorated, initial caps fonts.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we provide new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 18th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

With four fonts on our Best Sellers list, TypeSETit continues its release of fashionable new script fonts with Qwigley, a beautiful handwritten face.

Qwigley ROB

Baka is a fantastic scratchy handwriting font that works well for invitations, posters, and headlines — anywhere you need that informal, casual look.


Sinzano is an all-uppercase font available in three formats, but only the OpenType version comes with the fancy ligatures. Ever need an album cover or event poster to scream 'Lounge?' Want a poster or movie title you want to make Vegas-smooth? Have product labels that need a 1950s style? Sinzano has you covered all the way!



Did You Know?
You can keep track of the latest hot releases by checking out our Starlets page. The place to see and be seen, Starlets is where you will find many of our future Rising Stars!


Focus on Design Trends: Decorated Caps

Do you often design pieces with a lot of text, and want to give it a bit more life? One way to do that is with a large initial character. Decorated caps, illuminated type, and initial fonts are a great way to give your newsletters, posters, and other text-based projects a boost.


Ayres Royal

Tribal Spiral

Tintern Abbey


Durham Abbey

Most of the designs from Nick's Fonts, such as Tintern Abbey, Smackeroo, and Durham Abbey, are based on authentic historical sources, many gleaned from the Library of Congress.

Lanston Type Company is another foundry that features initial caps fonts, including LTC Goudy Initials and LTC Jacobean Initials.

LTC Goudy Initials
LTC Jacobean Initials
LTC Jacobean Initials


Last month we featured Cilantro as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #19 on the Best Sellers list, Cilantro is a casual yet fun font with a unique panache. Cilantro is perfect for invitations, posters, picture cards, headlines, and menus.


If you like fonts by this designer, check out Misspink (a decorative, fun script font), currently featured on our Starlets page!


Have Your Say
You can have your say at MyFonts. Submit your comments. We’re always interested in your opinion.

“I have been buying fonts for a zillion years.... That being said, I get lots of font-related mailings and e-mails. Your stuff is consistently the best. By far the best designed and most intelligently-prepared, and by far least pretentious (you know those guys — we all do). [Your newsletters] invariably generate a purchase from me. Today’s was no exception. You keep me inspired to work with new fonts!” — Jim from Ann Arbor, August 31, 2005

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