The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart, and the bats are from Zap Bats

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - October ’05 (issue 19)

This font is Hey Pumkin

pooked by fonts? Not to worry! This month’s Rising Stars helps you pick out fonts guaranteed to give other people the willies. Not only does our Design Trends piece focus on Scary Fonts, but one of our featured Rising Stars is based on the handwriting of Jack the Ripper. Yikes!
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we provide new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 19th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

During the investigation of the murders in Whitechapel, police received several letters allegedly from Jack the Ripper, including a “Dear Boss” letter containing details of a crime that had yet to be committed. Soon after, the information in this letter would be corroborated at a crime scene. Whitechapel just might be the writing of Jack himself!


Dione is a sturdy yet informal design that works well anywhere you need a casual look. It is available in four weights.


Pendulum is is the swashy expansion of Americana, an amazing yet long overlooked treasure from the Nebiolo foundry, circa 1945. With heavy descenders and seemingly floating ascenders emanating from one of the most classical attempts at connected upright calligraphy, never did a font have this much charm and complexity at once.



Did You Know?
Our test drive capability just got better. We now feature Live Test Drive. It’s very easy — simply begin typing, and MyFonts displays the text from the font in real time.

To try out Live Test Drive:
Live Test Drive

You can use Live Test Drive on any font listed on This is a great way to try before you buy.

Focus on Design Trends: Scary Fonts

Need Halloween fonts for invitations, posters, or flyers? MyFonts has a variety of text and picture fonts for your next scary event.

Scary Text Fonts
Ravenwood is a strange design — very mysterious and bizarre — but it sets extremely well, even in text.

Straight out of a famous fairytale, Stiltskin is an eerie, pointed grotesk font that will work well on posters.

The general look, feel and graphical styling of Pasquinade is that of a blackletter font; however, the underlying letter construction is of a traditional serifed roman. This produces a font with a familiar gothic feel, but the design has the inherent legibility of a roman serif due, in part, to the discrete openness of the characters.

Zombie Guts

Dead Ringer


Many designs from Blambot, such as Zombie Guts, Dead Ringer, and the newly released Entrails, are ghoulish, comic book effect fonts for all your walking undead!

Scary Picture Fonts
Carver Jack
P22 Posada

Carver Jack is a dingbat typeface loaded with wide and narrow carved Jack O’Lanterns. It is the perfect typeface for setting up party invitations as well as getting some pumpkin carving ideas.

Skullbats has more skulls than you’ll ever see in your lifetime. At least we hope so. Scary skulls, funny skulls, evil skulls, strange skulls, pixel skulls, fiery skulls, surprised skulls, happy skulls, sad skulls, cow skulls, sketched skulls, profiled skulls, light bulb skulls, cartoon skulls, techno skulls, alien skulls, expressionist skulls, pirate skulls, horned skulls, and skulls with whacky headgear. You name it, it’s there. There’s even a disco skull there for you. We lost count at 90 skulls, but there’s a few more in there.

Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada (1851-1913) created a massive variety of material (broadsheets, cards, advertisements, posters, etc). His most notable imagery comes from his Calaveras (skeletons) celebrating the Day of the Dead. Calaveras often represent effigies of living people depicted as skeletons going about their daily activities. These are often humorous and playful in a way that helps bridge this world with the beyond. P22 Posada features two alphabet fonts and a set of 60 extras.


Last month we featured Qwigley as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #12 on the Best Sellers list, Qwigley is a beautiful handwritten face.


If you like fonts by this designer, check out three other fonts by TypeSETit currently featured on our Best Sellers list.

Also by TypeSETit:

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