The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - Dec. ’05 (issue 21)

This font is Sattler AS

e’re making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out which new fonts are nice! This month’s Rising Stars features three nice new fonts: a handwritten script face, an old school font with an elegant look, and a decorative ornaments font. And in Design Trends, we look at holiday fonts.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we provide new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 21st issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

V-Hand is an informal, hand-drawn script face. It comes in four weights: medium, oblique, expanded, and oblique expanded.


Inspired by 16th century Venetian roman book texts, Fifteen36 has a traditional elegance and lots of character. Whether used at larger sizes for headings or at book sizes with plenty of leading, Fifteen36 has a very attractive old school letterpress appearance.


Ultimate Ornaments contains 47 beautiful, decorative ornaments, all easilly accesible using the punctuation, number, and letter keys on your keyboard.

Ultimate Ornaments

Ultimate Ornaments

Did You Know?
Have you found a font you like in a publication or on the web but don’t know its name? The new-and-improved WhatTheFont to the rescue!

We have upgraded WhatTheFont with a cool new drag-and-drop interface. You can now put letterforms together to help WhatTheFont identify your font. As an example, this is very useful for putting two pieces of the lowercase "i" together (the dot over the i and the base of the i), or piecing together a stencil font. For example:

  • Go to WhatTheFont.
  • Upload an image such as this one:

  • Review the character selections from WhatTheFont. In this case, the two pieces of the lowercase "i" need to be connected.

    WTF Character Selection
  • Use the new drag-and-drop interface to piece the letterforms together. In this case, drag and drop the dot over the base of the i.

    Drag and drop in WTF
  • After you have pieced all letter forms together, click Search and view the results! WTF Search Results

If you find out you do not get the match you want, our WhatTheFont Forum lets typeface enthusiasts around the world identify the fonts in your image, and gives you the opporunity to help others with theirs. Upload your scanned imaged and submit it to the WTF Forum, where font enthusiasts around the world will help you out!

WTF Forum

Focus on Design Trends: Holiday Fonts
Do you need specialized Hanukah, Christmas, holly, or holiday fonts for invitations, posters, or flyers? MyFonts has a variety of picture and display fonts for you to choose from.

Specialty and Picture Fonts
Seasons Greetings is a fun ornamental font that’s perfect for the holidays. The font is a display font so please use it at large sizes. The font includes numbers, characters a-z and A-Z, Christmas trees, and ornaments.

Seasons Greetings

You might choose Bethlehem Star for your personal greetings as well as for flyers and programs this holiday season. Like most display fonts, it is most effective at 18 points and larger, and when set with both upper and lower case. All caps with this font is like eating two pieces of pecan pie — too much of a good thing.

Bethlehem Star

Display Fonts
Yuletide Log is a beautiful decorative and display font that works well at large sizes.

Yuletide Log

Hefeweizen is a contemporary take on the textura blackletter style. Comprised of straight lines and angles sloped at ratios of 1/2 or 2/1, Hefeweizen is a highly geometric design with extensive alternates and ligatures.


Hurrah Dreidle BTN
Hurrah Dreidle [sic]

LTC Christmas Ornaments
LTC Christmas Ornaments

Xschnee Flaken
Xschnee Flaken



Last month we featured Polish News as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #9 on the Best Sellers list, this font works well for titling in posters, newsletters, and big print. One of a kind, the typographer has taken a stencil design and turned it into an alternative grunge font.

Polish News

If you like fonts by this foundry, we have a number of fonts from 066.FONT that are new to MyFonts this year:

Polish News

Karacan Pro
Wopi Script
Wopi Script No. 2
Karacan Pro
Wopi Script
Wopi Script No. 2

Have Your Say
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