The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - March ’06 (issue 24)

This font is LTC Jacobean Initials

e’re favoring the hottest new fonts this month and why not, especially after one of last month's Rising Stars just vaulted to the top of the charts as our #1 Best Seller! This month’s Rising Stars features a decorative design, a solid sans serif, and a fashionable hybrid. Our Did You Know? section points out our revamped Specials page. And in Design Trends, we look at industrial typefaces.
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 24th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

Koster is a decorative face that works well for posters and scrapbooks. A curly cursive headline font, it comes in nine different styles, including plain, semi-swash, and swash caps.


Priva Pro is a legible sans serif font, useful for magazines, newsletters, and other documents. The typeface works well both in headlines and body text. Priva Pro is available in eight weights: four weights with accompanying italics. It includes Greek and Cyrillic characters, along with small caps, ligatures, alternates and swashes.

Priva Pro

Marion comes in regular, italic and bold styles and is available in OpenType, Macintosh PostScript, and Windows TrueType font formats. It has accents for Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish characters.

The OpenType format includes swashes, standard and discretionary ligatures, small caps, and old-style (lowercase) numerals. Note that advanced OpenType features work only in some applications, including Adobe CS products, most Apple software, and the upcoming QuarkXPress 7.



Did You Know?
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Our Specials page has now been updated with classy posters that showcase fonts with great money-saving offers:


Simply click and scroll to see all the posters. Our Specials are a great way to see fonts in use and save € $ ¥ £, too.

Focus on Design Trends: Industrial Typefaces

You can use our Keywords to search for “humanist” and the popular keyword “sansserif,” which taken together combine the attributes of “industrial” typefaces. These fonts are strong and legible, and are useful for ads, catalogs, brochures, signage, and billboards. We like the clean, no-nonsense look of these designs. Most of these fonts come in complete families that work well together.

Gf H2O Sans
Gf H2O Sans

The Gf H2O Sans family includes six modern, fashionable sans serif fonts that are perfect for conveying information on signage, posters, and magazines, but also would provide a great complement of faces for corporate identity.


Vecta is a very useful font — it doesn’t draw much attention to itself while remaining refreshingly different. Almost all the shapes in Vecta are rounded, giving it a friendly glow. The proportions of the characters are condensed, so it saves space: cram as many words on a line as you can with this font! Vecta looks equally at home in headlines as well as body text.








A recent addition to MyFonts, Font Bureau has a large library of 122 fonts on our site, including Amplitude, Pennsylvania, Productus, and Interstate. These are all clean, strong designs. Familiarity lies at the heart of legibility. For example, Interstate is based on the signage alphabets of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, letterforms absorbed at a glance everywhere we drive.


Last month we featured Estilo as one of our three Rising Stars. It has rocketed its way to the top of the charts! Currently #1 on the Best Sellers list, Estilo is a very elegant headline typeface in a 1930s style with lots of ligatures, providing you with plenty of design possibilities. The font includes small caps and Greek characters as well as standard Latin characters.



If you like fonts by DSType, be sure to check out these other popular releases:


Have Your Say
You can have your say at MyFonts. Submit your comments. We’re always interested in your opinion.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. After spending hours sorting thru other font sites I finally found one that meets (and exceeds) my expectations.

A) Most other font sites are link farms, affiliate junk, or just poorly set up. However, I found your site to be a great example of what a user experience should be like. I was able to navigate the site easily — things are well designed — I found what I needed, checked out and had my new font in 5 minutes! No hassles, no headaches, NO B.S.

B) The feature that lets us type text and SEE EXACTLY what our words would look like is BRILLIANT. I don't know how you create those images so fast, but this is the coolest thing I've ever seen when shopping for fonts. ”

— Parma of, Dallas, TX, February 9th 2006

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