The 'Rising Stars' font is Hopeless Heart

the MyFonts newsletter of features and fonts - April ’06 (issue 25)

This font is LTC Jacobean Initials

ver 2,000,000 fonts have now been sold at MyFonts, thanks to customers like you! We pride ourselves on offering the most fonts on the planet, including new rising stars. This month’s Rising Stars features an elegant banknote font, a floral picture font, and a connecting script font. “Did You Know?” shows you our new Windows Font Installer: installing new fonts is now easier than ever!
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Three Rising Stars
Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 25th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you three of our top-selling new fonts.

The Treasury System is a set of fonts that takes advantage of the most commonly used feature of today’s design software: layering. The PDFs and images in the MyFonts gallery show you some of the possibilities Treasury has to offer, from simple attractive elegance expressed in the main script, all the way to mysteriously magnificent calligraphic plates!


For many centuries, Chinese cut paper designs have been in common use. Floral Ornaments was inspired by these floral cut paper designs and includes a selection of 114 beautifully designed ornaments.

Floral Ornaments

dearJoe 4 is one of four handwritten scripts from JOEBOB graphics — but the first with connecting characters, so it looks like real handwriting.

dearJoe 4

dearJoe 4

Did You Know?
Using new fonts in Windows is just a few clicks away! We’ve just debuted our new Automated Windows Font Installer, which simplifies the process of downloading and installing Windows fonts from the MyFonts website. This unique technology makes font installation a snap.

To use the Windows Font Installer, simply click the “Install Fonts in Windows” button after you purchase your Windows fonts:

Automated Windows Font Installer

MyFonts has always provided the easiest way to buy fonts online, and now, with the new technology, installing new fonts in Windows is easier than ever!

Focus on Design Trends: Funny Fonts

Do you like “funny” fonts with a personal flair? MyFonts has a great assortment of comic, casual fonts guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

Headlines and Display

Doowop brings back the good old days of rock and roll... kids hanging out under the streetlights singing four-part harmony. Relive those days with Doowop JNL — a fun and playful font with a decidedly 50s flair!


Zoinks is a slap happy font for wrong doers that you just have to smack in the face! As with all Comicraft fonts, Zoinks works well in headlines and for speech balloons.

Mister Sirloin

Mister Sirloin is one meaty customer without a lick of gristle to spare. This playful dish comes in three beefy weights — Rare, Medium, and Well — and is perfect anytime you need a fun typeface!

Cats and Dogs
Toon Town

Cat-lovers get an entire font: Gattofont includes 62 different cat silhouettes. Gattofont is a purrfect picture font for all your feline needs.

Toon Town is a fun, inventive font that includes four fonts in one package: Ink, Pencil, Toons, and Catchwords. All the symbols and characters work together to evoke a real toon town style!





SparkyType creates high-quality typefaces inspired by handmade and quirky alphabets, such as the crazy Tarnation, slab serif Farmer, brush script Sundae, and rounded Ruby. With a person-ality all their own, these colorful fonts work well for large, confident headings where you want to make an impact!


Last month we featured Koster as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #35 on the Best Sellers list, Koster is a decorative face that works well for hobby work, posters, and scrapbooks. A curly cursive headline font, it comes in nine different styles, including plain, semi-swash, and swash caps.



The font collection of Typotheticals covers many genres, from decorative to scripts.

If you like fonts by Typotheticals, be sure to check out these other popular releases:

Worstveld Sting
Worstveld Sting

Have Your Say
You can have your say at MyFonts. Submit your comments. We’re always interested in your opinion.

“I'm deleting all my other bookmarks — this is the best font website I’ve experienced. You can’t beat the functionality — the ease of locating and view[ing] fonts. My favorite was being able to scroll through various fonts in the text of your choice. What a powerful tool. Great Design! I'm a happy ‘purchasing’ customer.”
— Julie from California, March 22nd 2006

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