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This font is LTC Jacobean Initials

n this month’s Rising Stars, we feature a handlettered script, a set of web-related icons, a casual handwriting font, and a graceful art deco font. Did You Know? introduces our blog, “MyFonts Musings” — now you can view observations posted by the MyFonts team, and comment on them to boot!
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Four Rising Stars
Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 28th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you 4 of our top-selling new fonts.

Swan Song
Rooted in day-to-day handwriting, Swan Song is a quick and irregular artistic jolt at first impression, and surprisingly richly-textured art at second glance. Swan Song conveys the sense that the communicator is confident, humorous, strong and experienced. We think the reader will be glad to receive the personal contact of such a communicator!

ClickBits is a comprehensive set of web-related icons for online and print applications. If you’re looking for a Web 2.0 starburst, icons for your blog, or graphics for your e-commerce app, ClickBits will have what you need!

Eye Catching
Eye Catching looks like it was handwritten with a glitter gel pen on pink notebook paper. The font comes with Eye Catching Alts, a separate font with alternate starts, endings, ligatures, and more. The OpenType version includes alternate characters scripted to work automatically in OpenType-savvy applications, in particular Adobe InDesign. With so many alternates, people will be wondering if it's real handwriting or a font!

Hamptons BF

Swan Song
Click Bits
Eye Catching
Hamptons BF

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Did You Know?
We’ve leapt onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon (although we draw the line at MySpace!) and set up a blog, where you’ll see thoughts and observations posted by all the people here at MyFonts:

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Subjects may range from “found fonts” on the street to geeky tidbits from MyFonts’ developers. We’ll also post a note (like this one) whenever the Rising Stars newsletter goes out, so you’ll be able to leave comments and see what others have to say. We look forward to hearing from you! You can check out this month’s blog here:

July 2006 Rising Stars Blog

Focus on Design Trends: Computer Fonts

Computer fonts, such as our rising star Click Bits, are high tech contemporary designs often inspired by futuristic books, science fiction movies, and video games. They’re perfect for everything from logo design to headlines and display.

Fast and Futuristic

Use Accelerator to take your design to the next level. This font works well for logos and on product packaging, posters, and headlines.

Techno and Sporty

Dynamic and strong, Promethian will bring fire to your designs. This font works well in logotypes, sporty designs, posters, and displays.

Super Sexy

Suprexy is a monospace font designed especially for on screen use. As a bonus, this font contains many extra characters, including emoticons, arrows, borders, and a complete Central European character set.

Metro and Modern

Tokyotrail is inspired by the capital of Japan, one of the world's largest cities in terms of population, and with over 2,000 square kilometers to explore. The font is designed with straight lines running vertically, horizontally, and aslant.

The prolific Ray Larabie of Typodermic has just released a number of computer inspired fonts. There are so many cool designs from which to choose!

Xenu, a contemporary high-tech design

Cinecav X
Cinecav X, created for closed caption television and video screen based applications

Chainprinter, inspired by a piece of computer equipment called a chain printer that printed at alarming speeds

Alphii, a machine-like, electronics design

Gendouki, a wide, futuristic sans-serif font inspired by spaceship access panels

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Last month we featured P22 Zaner as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #11 on the MyFonts Best Sellers list, P22 Zaner is based on ornamental penmanship. Zaner is perfect for invitations and documents requiring a touch of elegance.

P22 Zaner

P22 Zaner

The Zaner set includes four unique fonts that complement one another. The OpenType versions offer the most characters, options, and functionality.

If you like this font from IHOF (International House of Fonts), be sure to check out these other popular releases:

P22 Allyson
P22 Cruz Brush
P22 Bramble
P22 Allyson
P22 Cruz Brush
P22 Bramble

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— Jon in the Art Dept., June 5th 2006

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