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This font is LTC Jacobean Initials

howcased in this month’s Rising Stars are an elegant swash design, a decorative script, a font featuring classic penmanship, and a noisy grunge font. Speaking of noisy fonts, our Design Trends piece focuses on rough-and-tumble grunge fonts, which you can use for logotypes, posters, and headlines!
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Four Rising Stars
Every month we add new, innovative fonts and sign up new foundries. In this 29th issue of Rising Stars, we want to show you 4 of our top-selling new fonts.

High Society
High Society is based on a delightful, delicious, de-lovely offering from Blandford Press’s 1946 tome, Lettering for the Commercial Artist. The editor called this one “The Elegant Alphabet” and cautioned that it “being neither quick nor easy, needs to be used with discrimination.” Or not.... We like this elegant swash design because of its retro appeal.

Adagio Pro
Adagio Pro is a decorative script that works well for invitations. The design is from profonts, whose mission is to release a beautiful series of script and display designs from the past, in OpenType format, with all the features necessary for making scripts so easy to handle and so wonderful to print. We think this formal font continues the tradition admirably!

P22 Declaration
P22 Declaration features two lettering fonts based on the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The design has the look of classic 18th century penmanship with a slightly irregular edge, as found on documents made with ink quill pens on vellum or parchment. The Blackletter font is also derived from the U.S. Declaration of Independence, as it was used for emphasis and the famous document title itself. A third font, which features the signatures of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, is also included in the Pro set.


High Society
Adagio Pro
P22 Declaration

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Focus on Design Trends: Grunge Poster Fonts

Grunge poster fonts, as represented by our featured rising star Boycott, are noisy, destructive contemporary typefaces guaranteed to grab your attention. We like to think of them as fonts with attitude that can be used in big, bold designs.

Brushdrawn and Blotty
Fuse Box  

Fuse Box is an inky font that will give your designs a jolt of electricity. It works well at large sizes. The font comes in wet, dry, and splat styles.

Geometric and Rough

Tecon is short for technical construction. This font comes in two weights, outline and solid, which allows you to superimpose them to apply color effects.

Rugged Flair
Grit Egyptienne

Grit Egyptienne features a total of eight fonts. The regular set includes regular and italic, with the bold and bold italic being designed with negative-space knockouts for lots of options for typesetting. The versatility doesn’t stop there, though. The alternate set provides different grunge patterns for an interesting and varied look.

Handdrawn Lettering

Croteau is a retro design that works well for titling. It features 250 OpenType automatic ligatures. If you use OpenType-savvy applications, in particular Adobe InDesign, the ligatures and custom letter pairs are substituted as you enter text, creating the illusion of handdrawn lettering.

Bold and Offbeat
Little Piggy

Little Piggy has a bold yet offbeat appearance. Its regular and wide weights, including a backslant style, offer dynamic possibilities for logotypes, posters, and headlines.

Type Fetish has released a number of grunge poster fonts. As the designer states, they are perfect typefaces to hide any words of truth by burying them in chaos.

Kaaos, a primitive stencil design

Universally Corrupt
Universally Corrupt hides any words of truth by burying them in chaos

Crush, kill, destroy. Sabotage mixes well with Universally Corrupt.

Discharge, a corroded caps only font

Squarish, a quirky gridded typeface

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Last month we featured Eye Catching as one of our three Rising Stars. Currently #24 on the MyFonts Best Sellers list, Eye Catching looks like it was handwritten with a glitter gel pen on pink notebook paper!

Eye Catching

Eye Catching

If you like this font from Blue Vinyl, be sure to check out these other popular releases:


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“I am truly hooked on your fonts!!! I love the ease of downloading them – the variety – the special deals. I look forward to what new fonts await.”
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