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alentine, will you be mine? For Valentine’s Day projects, MyFonts offers a great variety of specialty fonts, including card and invitation fonts, heart-shaped characters, heart picture fonts, ornate flourishes, and more. Create an artful message for that special someone in your life!
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Card & Invitation Fonts

You can add a touch of class to your Valentine’s Day cards and invitations with the application of some well-designed typography, using both elegant and casual script fonts, as well as some of our Valentine picture fonts.

A playful calligraphic style, Love Light is great for scrapbooking, cards, invitations and other fun things. In this unique and highly stylized font, we particularly like the hearts designed into the uppercase letters.

Love Light

Bella Donna is an upright round script that can be used both formally and informally, in almost any design where an elegant script completes the equation. Bella Donna can deliver a subtle promise of inviting elegance, memorable romance, sensuality, or sincere understanding. Text set in Bella Donna is meant to delightfully tease the reader and make hearts skip a beat.

Bella Donna

Here’s what happens when your trusty felt tip marker takes a trip to cartoonland. As cartoon faces go, Valentina is a bit on the imperfect side. But that’s normal for a funny face. Use it in a variety of comical situations. Make convincing captions under your own artwork or design greeting cards with it.You can even blow it up to huge sizes to create a wild and crazy look.

Valentina SG

Love Light and Ann's Valentines Love Light (display font), and Ann’s Valentines (heart in background)

Bella Donna and Valentines BV Bella Donna (display font), and Valentines BV (background pictures)

Valentina SG and Luv n Kisses Valentina SG (display font), and Luv N Kisses (hearts in background)

Heart-Shaped Characters

Ingrimayne Type has created inventive decorative fonts that incorporate heart-shaped designs. Valenteena is in the spirit of the 19th century, but there are no other typefaces quite like it. It is geometric, using distorted hearts to form the letters. The lowercase letters are smaller versions of the uppercase letters. Valenteena is available in regular, contour, and broken designs — all in the same package!

Similarly, Heart Matrixed is based on a matrix of dots in the shape of little hearts.

Heart Matrixed

Valenteena Contour, Regular, and Broken from Ingrimayne Type

Picture Fonts
Our picture and symbol fonts work well as illustrations, stamps, and icons for your projects. As many of our designers of these fonts suggest, it's best to use the symbols at large sizes to preserve the detail.

Valentines BV from Blue Vinyl Fonts
Valentines BV
Make your Valentine’s Day cards with Valentines BV! This is a huge dingbat font, 92 characters to be exact. It is jam packed with all kinds of little Valentine's Day goodies, including hearts (basic to ornamental), Cupids, chocolates, roses, word art, kisses, and on and on!

Luv N Kisses from RAHCreative
Luv N Kisses
Who can do without Luv N Kisses on Valentine's Day? This picture font contains enough designs to display all the luv in the world.

Ann's Valentines

Ann’s Valentines are dingbats to fall in love with. This symbol font includes heart-shaped pictures that are perfect for web design as well as print.

Do you want to add flourishes to your Valentine's Day cards, invitations, and messages? Dalliance from Emigre is a complete family of decorative fonts, including Dalliance Flourishes.

Dalliance Flourishes

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