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This font is Sattler AS

ou don’t have to be a graphic artist to create sharp-looking designs. Picture fonts are a great source for your everyday projects like newsletters, cards, invititations, and posters. Let MyFonts help you get the right symbol, picture, and dingbat fonts you need. We have hundreds of pictures fonts online!
bulletTOPICS: Events, Silhouettes & people, Website icons, Sketches, Ornaments

Events and Special Occasions

You can add pizzazz to invitations and posters for personal, school, and work projects, using casual and sturdy display fonts, as well as a few of our fun and classy picture fonts.

Wedding Wishes BV is the ultimate wedding dingbat, containing 52 elegantly brush stroked images. Having 3 years of experience as a wedding planner, florist, accessories designer, and caterer, typographer Jess Latham knew exactly what this dingbat needed!

Weddish Wishes BV

Prime Graphics offers Polytype Sports, professionally-crafted designs with a comprehensive set of sports images. This is definitely a collection of fun, original, and innovative designs.

Polytype Sports

Altemus Sports contains 174 characters: a variety of sports icons in baseball, basketball, golf ball, football, rugby, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and hockey.

Altemus Sports

A fun font with a variety of food and drink icons, Shindig will get you in a party mood!


Amienne and Wedding Wishes BV Amienne (display font), and Wedding Wishes BV (picture font)

Memphis, Polytype Sports 1, and Altemus Sports Memphis (display font), and Polytype Sports 1 and Altemus Sports (picture fonts)

Digital Disco AOE, Ruly Small Caps, and Shindig Digital Disco AOE and Ruly Small Caps (display fonts), and Shindig (picture font)

Silhouettes, People, and Letterbats
Our silhouette, people, and letterbat fonts work well as illustrations and icons for your projects. As many of our designers of these fonts suggest, it’s best to use the characters and icons at large sizes to preserve the detail.

Subeve was first made for a young fashion designer in Montreal. The typographer used the silhouettes of her models to create nice icons for her website. Feel free to play around with these nice designs!

Orchestra brings a whimsical yet elegant spin to typography. Every letterform is cleverly adapted from the shape of a musical instrument or musician. Perfect for use as initial letters or in special invitations, these caricatures allow for delightful color embellishment as well. Don’t be shy about wielding this baton!


Dancebats is a font of 75 silhouettes of people dancing. Get your hands on a copy and give yourself some ammunition for your next party design!

Website Icons
Need to design a website? Our web graphic picture fonts are a perfect way to get started!

Combi Symbols
Combi Symbols
Combi Symbols is especially useful for creating computer or software documentation (especially for Mac OS and Windows as it contains several industry and technology-specific icons and symbols), web graphics, and packaging.

RA Web Frames
RA Web Frames

Eclectic Web

Electic Web is the ultimate web design dingbat tool — with 80 icons designed for creating e-commerce, navigation, and interface designs. This font includes a new button; order, buy, and close buttons; home, security, e-mail, search, and a host of other icons and images to make designing your next website a breeze!

Are you searching for the right illustration icon with a little bit of character? Our sketch picture fonts are very useful for posters, newsletters, and cards.

Stuph is from the so-called mind of Steve Zafarana, a cartoonist, illustrator, and designer of image fonts. His sketch font contains many wacky images.

Autograph Sketch EF
Autograph Sketch EF
Autograph Sketch EF is a breezy casual sketch font that is deceivingly simple.

Office Doodles

A pictogram font with 62 icons, Office Doodles includes fun, little illustrations in-line and reverse of what you find in an office.

Do you need ornaments for your web designs, printed posters, and invititations? We have three classic designs to get you on your way.

Altemus Arabesques
Altemus Arabesques
Altemus Arabesques contains 174 characters, a variety of arabesque calligraphic and flourish designs from early twentieth century Europe.

Woody Goodies WBW
Woody Goodies
Woody Goodies WBW is a diverse assortment of woodtype adornments, including bishop's fingers, vignettes, border elements, flourishes and other what-nots, all thoughtfully redrawn from authentic historical sources.

Ann's Dividers

Ann’s Dividers are spirally, decorative, funky and artsy separators and lines, perfect for web graphics or printed pieces. This font is a must-have for all web graphic designers. There are 72 unique characters in this font.

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