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Perfect for Papers: A+ Fonts

You can make your essays, papers, and writing assignments stand out from the crowd with these contemporary text designs.

Musee was designed for book text and is highly readable even in small sizes. Available in eight styles – including borders and ornaments – Musee’s very elegant text fonts include plenty of OpenType features, including small caps, alternates and swashes.





Orcin Sans is a functional, well-crafted sans serif typeface available in six weights from light to bold.

Orcin Sans

Orcin Sans


Report and Folder share similar design qualities.

Report is a geometric font with rounded ends, custom designed for educational use. Each style features a "ball & stick" nine, an I with serifs, a single story lowercase a, and an open lowercase g.


Folder is a legible font, also designed for educational use. Each style features, a "ball & stick" nine, an I & J with serifs, a descender on the italic lowercase f, a single story lowercase a, an open lowercase g, a curved tail on the lowercase q, and a rounded lowercase y.



Report is a friendly, fun font available in two weights.


Folder is a legible font that can be used for body text and display.


Nosta is a modern text typeface. It was designed to be easily legible and therefore very suitable for setting sizeable lengths of continuous text such as magazine articles, books and essays.

It achieves this through finely balanced proportions, optimal character spacing and an adherence to predictable letter forms. Despite this, Nosta manages to retain a contemporary look and feel by using a variety of modern type design devices like the wedge serif. The italic has only a modest slant, giving it a modern look that does not overly disrupt the text while still providing emphasis.



While designed for continuous text, Nosta can also be used as a display face, making it a good all around typeface, suitable for many applications.

The OpenType versions contain extended language support, extra ligatures and a wide variety of numerals.

Old School, New School

Many of our font foundries and typographers are creating new variations of classic designs. Some, like those from Jeff Levine, have a retro look, while others combine the familiar elements of classical design with a human presence to connect with readers and create a strong identity.

Contemporary and Old Timey
Copy Semi Grotesk

Copy Semi Grotesk is a contemporary grotesque design with a typewriter feel. Its shapes are the result of a connection between formal and typographic features. We like to use the font in newsletters and reports.

Cool and Curvaceous

Qurillian is a subtly simple but very usable sans serif typeface. We like the playfulness of the letterforms, including the uppercase Q and lowercase g. Qurillian is available in six weights from light to bold oblique.

For Magazines, Newsletters, and Print
Mixtra Slabserif

Mixtra Slabserif features a total of six weights, and is part of the complete Mixtra family, which includes Roman, Sansserif and Slabserif. Combining the three family members is a good starting point for creating a coherent typographical design. Mixtra works well in magazines and all sorts of print in need of a strong visual identity.

Standard Sturdy Serif

Norlik is a standard serif face that displays well at small sizes. It is inspired by the designer’s interest in Garamond. Norlik comes in nine weights ranging from condensed to expanded.

Simple But Elegant

Chardonnay is a beautiful text font that works equally well as a headline font. It works well for books and magazines. The font is available in two styles, regular and a matching italic.

Jeff Levine has been in love with lettering since the third grade, when a schoolmate brought a lettering stencil into class. More recently he was encouraged to develop a collection for retail. We like the results!

Book Report
Book Report is a stencil font designed from and inspired by the lettering guides used for years by teachers, school children, and others.

Science Fair
Science Fair emulates the effect of connecting the broken lines of a stencil alphabet into a solid letter form, as many students do for science project posters.

Craft Project
Craft Project takes 26 designs based on 1950s-era stencils and puts them at the digital designer's fingertips for a real retro look.

Printed Letters
Printed Letters is from stamped impressions made by a children's sign-making set circa the 1940s.

Fun with After School Projects
Catholic School Girls is totally inspired by the handwriting of, like, teenage girls. You’ll note that the [ ] keys are actually little hearts! Totally rad! This font includes enough European characters to fill a loose-leaf binder.

Catholic School Girls

A font emulating pre-schoolers’ handwriting practice guides, PIXSymbols Primer D is designed for the preparation of exercise sheets for handwriting practice. The package includes four fonts: Primer and Primer Bold, without guidelines, plus Primer Italic, and Primer Bold Italic, which feature characters combined with guideline segments. Exercise sheets can easily be typed using a word processing program. The fonts include picture icons.

PIXymbols Primer D

Chewy Blossom is a fun, easy-going font to spice up any project. We like the casual look of this super friendly font.

Chewy Blossom

Baby Blox is perfect for posters and invitations to children’s parties.

Baby Blox

We also like these other fun fonts for after school projects:

Sorority Hack
Sorority Hack

Our Favorite Text Fonts

Here we highlight favorite text fonts that our customers and our staff at MyFonts admire. Which text font is your favorite?

Mrs Eaves
Mrs Eaves is a perennial Best Seller. The font is available in 12 weights, including small and petite caps, fractions, just ligatures, and roman, italic, and bold styles. The OpenType versions of the roman, italic, and bold include all the variants.

Mrs Eaves

Mrs Eaves

Mrs Eaves

Esta is very elegant and refined, with several styles, including upper and lowercase ligatures for both regular and bold versions, as well as an expert version for use in tables and graphs. Esta is a typeface family that can be used at all sizes. The font is available in nine weights, including small caps, ligatures, and expert.

The designer was asked to create a typeface for use in a newspaper, but he also designed it for books, magazines, and annual reports.



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