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yFonts offers a broad selection of decorative and display fonts. These fonts can set a tone for your designs, whether you want to be bold and decisive with a blocky sans-serif font or take a softer approach with an elegant script. No type library would be complete without a good selection of decorative and display fonts.

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Decorative Scripts
Decorative scripts make a stylish statement. Script fonts have become more sophisticated over the years and now include a much greater amount of detail to let them mimic handwriting.

This font set, created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, celebrates the work of influential French artist Paul Cézanne. P22’s Cezanne font allows you to beautify your documents with a faithful rendition of the artist’s handwriting, while Cezanne Sketches recreates a variety of imagery from the artist’s work.

Cezanne Sample


This font family is the first collection of almost all pictograms, signs and letters that refers to the topic of White Magic, witches and witch hunt.

There are plenty of witch symbols, astrology signs, woodcuts and witch letters. The cryptic symbols are explained in an extra style. In addition to the symbols the scripts contain both: a digitized original manuscript from the ending 18th century and a modified newer script version.

Bringing the light of the Enlightenment to the dark ages of suspicion, chasing and unjustness!

Witchfinder Sample

Swan SongSwan Song
The mid-20th century was possibly the richest period ever in American calligraphy and lettering. For a few years on either side of the second World War, the American publishing industry underwent considerable growth, and written commercial communication was very much in demand. Calligraphers, letterers and sign painters of the time were always busy, though not too academic or aware of the history of the work they were performing. One of the few exceptions to the rule back then was Professor Alexander Nesbitt, whose calligraphy and lettering were perhaps the most straightforward historical lessons of the time, and whose brush strokes are the basis for Swan Song.

Swan Song SampleRooted in day-to-day handwriting, Swan Song is a quick and irregular artistic jolt at firstimpression, and surprisinglyrichly-textured art at second glance.Whatever these letters are used to communicate, the communicator is content, confident, humorous, strong and experienced, and the reader will be glad to receive the personal contact of such a communicator.

Swan Song comes in all popular font formats, and includes plenty of built-in alternates.


Sans-Serif Display Fonts
The sans-serif display font can make a very bold headline with great visual impact. Some sans-serif fonts, such as Barmeno and Antique Olive below, have a heavy weight suitable for use as a display font while still providing a text weight for larger blocks of text.

Handel Gothic
A Swiss Sans-serif designed for FotoStar with traditionally straight elements deliberately curved.

Handel Gothic

Handel Gothic

Barmeno BQ
Hans Reichel designed Barmeno for H. Berthold in 1983.

This rounded sans serif has distinctive individual characters but when viewed in bodies of text, it is warm, harmonious and legible. Barmeno often is used for ad copy, and magazine and web layouts.

The extra bold weight is especially good for attention-grabbing headlines.

Barmeno BQ

Antique Olive
Original sans-serif designed in 1962 for Fonderie Olive by the late Roger Excoffon. Excoffon achieves brilliant personal effects by calculated breaking of accepted design canons.

Antique Olive Sample

Antique Olive

Bold and Broken
Distressed display fonts are becoming more and more popular. These are often based on classic designs, and then add an eroded, broken look. They can make an impact on your design not because of what's there, but because of what's missing.

Chato Band
Chato Band is a beautiful script font, originally created as a custom project for a music label. With slight imperfections between characters, it has a unique look, with ink drawn and vector elements, a lot of work and time devoted to each character. Complete character set.
It comes in the form of three sub-families:

  • Chato Band Regular
  • Chato Band Smooth
  • Chato Band Space
Chato Band
Chato Band

Perfect for headers and display, Kab can be used at smaller sizes and even as a body text with great results.
Complete character set.

Kab Sample

Kab has a big impact, is very legible and at the same time has plenty of details that makes it really unique.

Universally Corrupt
Universally Corrupt is the perfect typeface to hide any words of truth by burying it in chaos.

A “must have” typeface for any politician or corporate CEO!
Universally Corrupt

Universally Corrupt

We are calling for a boycott against petty power struggles.

Boycott Sample


Comical Display Fonts
Some decorative and display typefaces can add a touch of whimsy through their casual appearance. Choose a comic display font when you want to make a statement but keep the mood light and playful.

Grilled Cheese BTN
Grilled Cheese was cooked up to be one of the most versatile display typefaces ever created. It makes a bold statement with its strong, easy-to-read look and keeps a playful personality. Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

The Billy family contains three individually useful and fun fonts. When combined, the energy and strengths of the different weights play off each other creating an essential family.

Billy Sample

Grilled Cheese

This typeface was designed to be used as the page heading font for MyFonts. Originally only the letters needed to make up the required phrases were drawn. Then amazingly enough, people started asking where they could get the font, so the designers decided to complete the character set, and named it Softie.

This name was chosen because the round and rather bulbous shapes that make up the letters reminded the designers of marshmallows. Softie, almost good enough to eat. The Bold version, called Softie Bloated, was added in late 2003. Rumor has it that the name came to the designer after Thanksgiving dinner.

Grilled Cheese
Softie Sample

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