Welcome to the 2017 Big Script Sale! We’ve partnered with some of our leading foundries here on MyFonts to bring you a new batch of our most popular script designs each day this week — all with special, limited-time only savings.

From elegant and formal, to energetic and spontaneous — these are scripts perfect for your design projects, and indispensable additions to your type library. Whether you’ve had your eye on these designs for a while, or whether they’re brand new to you, now’s the perfect time to save.

So hang tight, and keep and eye out for all the expertly crafted designs you can pick up this week!

Brush Up


Typeface family of two weights

Check out Brush Up

Swiftly painted on paper before being carefully translated into your next brushed-face obsession, Brush Up is a smart design tool that is programmed to cycle through three glyph alternatives for every letter, spicing up your designs with life-like variations that'll make your project feel truly handmade.

Pick it up for 35% off today.

Blog Script


Typeface family of two weights

Check out Blog Script

One of Sudtipos’ bestselling scripts, Blog Script is on a mission to embed a piece of our human heritage into the digital world. Designed to mimic the elegance, exuberance and raw flaws that bring charm to anything DIY, this two-font family is an absolute steal at 30% off.



Typeface family of 34 weights

Check out Bourton

Bourton isn’t just a script — it’s a display face powerhouse. This 34-font toolkit of a family offers you ample opportunity to mix, match and layer with its script fonts, inline, outline, stripe, extrude and shadow weights.

And at 75% off, how can you possibly pass this up?



Typeface family of four weights

Check out Jenthill

A four-font family that emulates the softer side of handwriting, each of Jenthill’s weights is made up of 380 glyphs and was designed to work flawlessly with its counterparts when mixed and matched.

You can the family up for 25% off this week only!

Garden Grown


Typeface family of two weights

Check out Garden Grown

A charming duo from the script queen herself, Garden Grown is one part script class, one part all-caps sass.

From Cindy Kinash’s bestselling library, this must-have is 75% off.

Cinque Donne


Typeface family of four weights

Check out Cinque Donne

Vivacious and wildly varying, Cinque Donne is the latest release from ever-enchanting Debi Sementelli. A family of four weights, Cinque Donne comes equipped with modern script alternates that make it an especially well-suited pick for crafters looking for a font that solidifies a polished aesthetic while maintaining a handmade feel.

Pick it up for 40% off today.

TT Milks


Typeface family of 42 weights

Check out TT Milks

A mega-family consisting of 42 fonts, the TT Milks family includes five outstanding scripts, some spicy decor fonts and awesome OpenType features with contextual alternates and ligatures.

Plus it supports 70 languages and you can get the entire family for 76% off.


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