Day 3 of the 2017 Big Script Sale is upon us, and we’re excited to bring you another fresh crop of some of the most popular script designs available here on MyFonts.

Today we’ve teamed up with My Creative Land, Typesenses, Seventh Imperium, Trial by Cupcakes, Nicky Laatz, Fontfabric, and Lián Types to bring you a specially curated selection of their best-selling typefaces — all available with special savings through this week. Like we’ve told you before, these typefaces well help you step up your typography game, but these deals are only available to you for a limited time, so go check them out now!



Typeface family of six weights

Check out Seventies

Toss on some tie-dye and bell-bottoms, the 1970s are coming back with a vengeance. Leading the charge is Seventies, a six-font script face that serves as an ode to one of the most stylistically distinct decades of the last century.

Seventies is being offered for 25% off — get psyched and pick it up today!



Typeface family of 32 weights

Check out Rockeby

At first glance, you could be wondering how grotesque family Rockeby found itself in the Big Script Sale. Let’s start with the fact that while it’s more geometric than some of its contemporaries in the genre, it maintains a softer and more approachable aesthetic thanks, in part, to its arsenal of stylistic alternates and ligatures, and the slightly curved diagonal strokes that give the sans serif fonts their unique personality.

Then you get to its eight gorgeous script weights — the heart of the family. If you want an all-in family that’ll take care of you across the spectrum, pick up Rockeby for 50% off.



Typeface family of 21 weights

Check out Blend

Blend is a toolkit family made up of 21 fonts — each of which can be layered together to create a wide variety of visual effects. This family’s an excellent fit for logos and magazines, on menus and in children’s books, as well as on invitations and greeting cards. Its bouncing, informal script has a wide range of great OpenType features and the family comes loaded with playful dingbats and decorative ornaments.

Add it to your library while it’s still 50% off.



Typeface family of 24 weights

Check out Goldana

A 24-carat, 24-font display family, Goldana is an art-deco inspired typeface that can be mixed, matched and layered with fun dimensional effects, vintage flares and, of course, a couple of spirited scripts.

Grab the whole lot for 60% off!



Typeface family of two weights

Check out Freeland

Freeland is a casual brush face with a rich, inky texture. It is as modern and bold as it is fun and lively. The family comes packed with ligatures and stylistic alternates that lend a realistic, hand-lettered look to any project.

Catch it for 30% off before the Big Script Sale ends.

Born Ready


Typeface family of three weights

Check out Born Ready

A dry marker handwritten font with textured lines and multiple personalities, Born Ready comes in three styles — Regular, Slanted and Upright — each of which packs its own charismatic punch. It also contains a handy set of alternate lowercase letters and ligatures that further the handwritten effect of the overall aesthetic.

You weren’t born yesterday, so you know you absolutely have to scoop it up for 20% off while you still can.



Typeface family of four weights

Check out Madelyn

Madelyn is a four-font script that was created with a calligraphy pen and styled with casual, textured strokes that personify the beautifully rougher aspects of handwriting.

This lovely family is being offered for 20% off for a limited time, so take a quick look and imagine all of the ways you could use it in your next project.


Love the Big Script Sale!

The Big Script Sale is going on through Friday, so stay tuned for two more days of fantastic deals on some of our top-selling scripts. These special prices won’t last long, though.

Be sure to act fast, because all of our Big Script Sale promotions end Friday, June 16 at midnight EDT.