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The Hoftype Font Selection

Bundle of 14 fonts: $99.00

About this bundle

The Hoftype Font Selection includes 35 fonts from some of the best selling typefaces in the popular Hoftype Library.

This collection was thoughtfully put together to allow for tons of different pairings and combinations, making it a super-useful addition to any designer’s toolbox. It includes bestselling Capita, a serif-dominated face that is strong in appearance, but has a gentle flow, avoiding the harshness typical of many slab serifs. The collection starts to flex its versatile muscles with fonts like Equip,a geometric sans, text face Mangan, and slab serif Foro – showing off its readiness to work at any size, in any environment.

Plus, all of the styles included support more than 40 languages and contain a great many practical OpenType features. Pick up this fantastic 35 font collection today!