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Aviano Luxury Essentials

Bundle of 10 fonts: $99.00

About this bundle

It all started with Aviano: an extended titling typeface, whose design was influenced by the power and timeless beauty of classical letterforms. Jeremy Dooley’s design struck a chord—people loved the strong lines and timeless elegance of the typeface, so he went on to create 6 more Aviano typefaces, all built on the same principles he applied to his original Aviano face, but each containing its own unique personality, style and flare.

Aviano Luxury Essentials collection is a versatile package of 10 of these beloved fonts from the Aviano Hyperfamily. It features Royale’s graceful script capitals, Aviano Sans’s Art Deco excellence, Aviano Wedge’s slightly harder edge, and of course, the original Aviano.

This suite boasts a number of OpenType alternates, most importantly of which are the alternate forms for the capitals.

For the look of refinement you desire, design with Aviano Luxury Essentials.