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The Best of Indian Type Foundry

Bundle of 14 fonts: $200.00

About this bundle

The Best Of Indian Type Foundry collection brings together 14 beautiful, versatile best selling fonts. The India-based foundry’s catalog is as diverse as it is deep, and this bundle reflects that by offering everything from workhorse text fonts to finely tuned display fonts.

The bundle includes two weights from their flagship typeface Kohinoor – a type system that was developed to support the 780 languages that are written in 11 different scripts across India – as well as fonts from the hugely popular industrial grotesk families Weissenhof Grotesk and Akhand Soft. It also bring in some high contrast with classical serifs Zahrah and Begum, geometric sans Volte and transitional book-face Abelard.

The collection is a powerful toolbox of possibilities for graphic designers and would be very useful in editorial, branding, signage and web applications.