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The Best of Stormtype

Bundle of 22 fonts: $99.00

About this bundle

František Štorm started Storm Type Foundry in the hopes that he would be able to restore the classical values of typography that often times don’t get translated into the digital world. He’s been doing just that for over two decades now—producing timeless typefaces that transcend trends and defy contemporary norms—and so in celebration of this milestone, he’s put together a collection of 22 of his bestselling fonts that have stood the test of time.

Including weights from his bestselling typefaces Etelka, Quercus 10 and Trivia Serif, The Best Of Storm Type Bundle is a fantastic collection of beautiful text fonts, most of which offer extended language support. František also included his decorative script face Splendid alongside Header—an aptly named font intended for headline use—bringing some range and variety into the bundle.

This bundle would be a wonderful addition to any type library, but it is a must-have for anyone who works with small publishing projects on both print and web, ​books, magazines, brochures, invitations and posters.