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TDF Pack of 31 Handmade Fonts

Bundle of 31 fonts: $119.00

About this bundle

We're offering a small village of 23 families for very affordable price!

In our Handmade Pack, we have: Businessland (they are broke), Crazymond (every village have at least one crazy family), Dambera and Dambera Retro (youngs and olds under one roof), Dolina Script (living in the valley), Dondolare (singing in a local pub), Dusan Script (the major of the village), Fartitudo (owns a lot of cows), Fine New Bonbons (no men in this family), Horrorama (they don't communicate with others), Lumberjacky (they steal wood), Lunatino (mother with mustaches owns a circuit), Nervatica (long history of breakdowns), Pleyo (the only Afro-Americans in the village), Plonker (they piss off everybody), Punkerro Crust (rebels with and without causes), Qiltray (came from big city), Refren (playing music on national instruments), Rough the Type (you don't wanna mess with them), Scholle (grandfather from Germany), Scripton (the only one who read books there), Shuma (owner of the biggest land) and Trampoline (they are all clowns).

Each family have different number of members (weights and styles), some of them are artistic types (containing dingbats), some are more into functions and mechanics (containing OpenType features).