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Laura Worthington Fontacular Spectacular Bundle

Bundle of 65 fonts: $49.00

About this bundle

Designer friends, you’ll soon start hearing radio jingles about a must-have product you need in your life: that’s right, it’s our Laura Worthington Fontacular Spectacular Bundle! This expressive collection will change your life for the better, and believe you me it’s a hot typographic commodity you don’t want to miss.

This show stopping collection features 65 good-as-gold fonts from over 25 different type families. While we wish it could stick around forever, his fantastic font bundle won’t be here long, so take the plunge while you can.

Join in the true spirit of Fontacular by scoring some amazing type, and know you can do it in a way that won’t break the bank. As such, this bundle is much too special to stick around for too long, so live your Fontacular dream and get the Laura Worthington Fontacular Spectacular Bundle pronto!