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André Themoteo Alves Corrêa "Dr. Andréground"

André Themoteo Alves Corrêa “Dr. Andréground” is a Typographer, Graphic Artist & Designer, from Rio de Janeiro, with research in “Graphical Science” and “Impossible Dimensions”, enthusiast of Gestalt phenomena, Optical Illusions, Sacred Geometry, Underground Culture, Street Art, etc. (b.1986)
Started a ‘Lettering experience’ from doing ‘graffiti’ while 16 and while studied Graphic Design at ‘UniverCidade’ a famous dead School in Rio, got into a turning-point, starting a career with fonts in 2013, after presenting an A+ Grade alphabet ‘Penrose Geometric’ in homage to “Impossible Figures” 2 years before, on typography classes and was encouraged to make a real Typeface.
Searching for a technical language in 2015 ended 2 new typefaces ‘Technical Signature’ and ‘Technical Scripture’ in the labyrinthine genre, which still requests to reach perfection in new edition. During 2019 start covering a Geometric “game” of 6 new font families exported only in beta versions then, trough that came MMC Grafik in 2020 and MMC Insignia in 2021 and so on there is plenty of Typefaces to accomplish.
Foremost of the underdevelopment Type collection inspirations, is linked by the ‘Geometric’ factor on rhythms and genres, based on mechanical modularity and calculus, in other words the ‘MMC Concept’ Mathematical Style! As keeping to the future fonts some collections of miscellanea and aims to perform more classical, traditional, or fundamental Typography. Awakening on a holographic Type dream!

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5 font families by André Themoteo Alves Corrêa "Dr. Andréground"

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