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Bill LaFever

Bill LaFever studied art and calligraphy at St. Ambrose College and received his degree in 1970. The art program at St. Ambrose was under the direction of world renowned teacher, author, calligrapher and liturgical artist Fr. Edward Catich. Catich was a taskmaster and believed in learning everything from the ground up. After graduation, Bill began a 37 year career at Hallmark Cards as a calligrapher, lettering artist and graphic designer. As a lettering artist, much of Bill’s focus over the years required developing a variety of calligraphic scripts and hand drawn letter forms to accommodate and enhance Hallmark products. Bill retired from Hallmark in 2008 and currently works a variety of personal and freelance projects, including font development, out of his home in Prairie Village, Kansas.
"Calligraphy and well-chosen typography are vehicles which can marry words and images in powerful and elegant ways. Anytime a message can be delivered in a powerful and elegant way, it will be more preferred and memorable.
To me, the most exciting part of the creative process is the rush that comes from solving a difficult creative problem. Seeming to “stumble” on the solution after so many tries...and knowing “that’s it!” And wondering (to yourself) if such a meandering process can be repeated again". – Bill LaFever

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Putin backs away from Iraq zeal; Bush, vexed, jogs.
Feverish Feverish