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Dennis Kei Yip Poon

Dennis Poon left Hong Kong for England at age fifteen. Despite his nomadic lifestyle, Dennis' path to an art and design career was straightforward. His talent was realized at early age: The first student of his school to receive full marks in Art class, Dennis was encouraged to take Art O level and A level, and completed with flying colors.

After his Bachelors degree in Graphic Information Design from the University of Westminster and Masters degree in Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art in London, he has lived in Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and the United States.

Dennis' passion for type design came in 1989 with his internship at Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands. Trained under Gert Dumbar and working with many aspiring designers, the Dutch graphic design style of the late 80s has remained a major influence of Dennis' work. Type Design, graphic design, motion graphics, interactive media, installations and design are all part of his expanding repertoire. Prior to founding SWATdesign in 1999, Dennis has worked at IDEO as an interaction designer, and at Icon Medialab as a process coach. He recently moved to Singapore to join Philips.

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