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Drena Clementino

Drena Clementino is a Southern California native who has an extensive art background. Studying traditional art with renowned artists such as Milford Zornes resulted in a love of shape as well as a strong sense of design.

While presently working in digital media and design, she credits her traditional art background for the ability to produce quality multi-media design. Thus DC Design Media was a natural evolution of the artistic process.

Most recently a multi-media project required a type of font that was based on medieval miniscule calligraphy. Finding no available fonts that matched the exact requirements, one was created. This font is based on 14th - 15th century Bastarde calligraphy, has no elaborate flourishes but rather looks like a scribes hand and works well with illuminated script designs. Creating Bastardre Hand, has been a rewarding challenge and forward step for DC Design.

Personal details

  • From: United States of America
  • What she does: Type Design
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