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Henning Hartmut Skibbe

Henning Skibbe is a graphic designer from Potsdam/Germany who has been dedicated to typeface design since 2002. Coming from a graffiti background, he has always been interested in creating new approaches to type.

He studied graphic design at the University of Applied Science Potsdam and was a typeface design student of Luc(as) de Groot.

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5 font families by Henning Hartmut Skibbe

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14 font styles from $55.00
Two hardy boxing kangaroos jet from Sydney to Zanzibar on quicksilver pinions.
Haptic Pro Haptic Pro


5 font styles from $60.00
My help squeezed back in again and joined the weavers after six.
HapticScript HapticScript


92 font styles from $50.00
Ebenezer unexpectedly bagged two tranquil aardvarks with his jiffy vacuum cleaner.
NewsSans NewsSans
Hot New Font


21 font styles from $49.00
Fixing the razor, J.S. Bach vowed to primp quickly.
NewsSerif NewsSerif


14 font styles from $39.00
Back in June we delivered oxygen equipment of the same size.
FF Dingbats™ 2.0 FF Dingbats™ 2.0
FF Dingbats™ 2.0 FF Dingbats™ 2.0
FF Dingbats™ 2.0 FF Dingbats™ 2.0