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Janet Torres

I’m a professional secretary and studied at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. I graduated in 1992 with cum laude. I also got the Dean’s List recognition (1989–1990) and five Honor certificates. My experience includes 2 years as executive secretary in the Office Program of the Synod Boriquen, Presbyterian Church. The tasks include publishing multiple magazines, newspapers and books. I not only do clerical tasks, but also perform artistic projects for the publications.

I have experience using desktop publishing programs for the digital work and the machinery necessary to print out the publications. I also have experience using programs like Print Shop Deluxe, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, Lotus 123, Harvard Graphics, Windows and Macintosh system.

When I got my own computer in 1998, I was completely amazed with all the digital artwork I found on the Internet. I then started learning how to make web pages and making my own graphics using the Paint Shop Pro 5 program! Through the great tutorials I found on the web, I not only learned how to build my own web site, but also how to create animations and digital artwork! I have my own tutorials on how to make virtual snow globes and other animations. Recently, I expanded my knowledge and to learning 3D graphics. For my artwork, I’m using the following programs: Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop 3, Photo Impact 5, Kai Power Tools, Blade Pro, Eye candy, Bryce and Poser. I have also done several projects for my customers.

Visit my web site for Bryce, Poser, snow globes, digital paintings and more!

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2 font styles from $8.00
Whacky pangram quiz flummoxed Steve Jobs.