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Oladele Olawole

Oladele Olakiitan Olawole is my name; I was born in Ipetu - Ijesa, Osun State in Nigeria about 44 years ago. Completed Primary School at 12, proceeded to a one year Modern school before heading to the Secondary school where I spent another 5 years. I did social sciences but it was obvious that based on my multi-talents, I should have studied Sciences such that could have lead me to study engineering, technology, physics or mathematics. As fate will have things done, Nigeria educational system offers a lot of avenue so I headed straight to a technical college where I studied Radio, Television and Electronics Repairs for three years. While at the technical college, my talent revealed itself, I made a radio transmitter and a few electronics projects which was a rare thing in Nigeria. I set up an electronics club in the school.

After this, I was employed by the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State as Studio/Audio technical assistance after an exhibition of my electronics projects one year before I left school. I also supervised and assisted Universities/Polytechnics students during their project year.

I left the Broadcasting Corporation after more than five years to further my education at until I obtained Higher National Diploma equivalent to B.Sc in electronics engineering.

1n 1995, the political turmoil in Nigeria brought me out of the country as the studio engineer for a transatlantic radio station empowering the Nigerian masses.. I

Faced with the daunting task of securing a job in Norway, I started out with an NGO - African Information Service (Africaservice) ; set up to participate in narrowing the digital divide gap. Till today, this service is still privately financed with over 18,000 pages.

While running Africaservice I noticed that my language (Yoruba) spoken by over 100 million people world wide is not well represented in digital format and I started out developing fonts that will enable one to type Yoruba on the computers after reading books on Fonts Development and obtained a one year license for Microsoft Visual TrueType for hinting. I read any book I was able to lay hand upon on font development. Today, Ariya font is being used to develop Yoruba contents around the world. Many attested to it as the best they have seen so far.

After designing a Christmas card, I wanted to spiced it up that lead to the development of the Christmas fonts which can be used to develop Christmas related document. I later developed the handyman font. There are other fonts in the pipeline that should be released before the middle of this year. My major area of interest is to develop fonts for endangered language so that they can be preserved.

Since I came to Norway, I have taught myself, web development and deployment, PC repairs, computer programming, multimedia language application development for endangered languages, fonts development, publishing, networking and etc. Some of these services are available on my company’s web site D-Net Communications -

Oladele Olakiitan Olawole is happily married with a beautiful daughter, they all live in Norway where he heads his company - D-Net Communications.

Personal details

  • From: Nigeria
  • Born: Ipetu-Ijesa, 1961
  • What he does: Type Design

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