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Oscar Jolles

From his grandson, Oliver Jolles...

Oscar Jolles (he was mostly known this way, instead of Oskar) was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Jena university in 1886, with a monograph Die Ansichten der deutschen nationalökonomischen Schriftsteller des sechszehnten und siebzehnten Jahrhunderts über Bevölkerungswesen.

I do not know exactly when he started to work at H. Berthold Messinglinienfabrik uns Schriftgiesserei AG, or when he became a major or the major shareholder and director at H. Berthold AG, but as far as I know he had a prominent position in the company at least in the 1908–1921 period. He was also a bibliophile, but his interest was not only cultural, but also very much related to the printing, font-type and binding qualities of the books (which are still in my possession). He supported culture and arts.

I understand from my father that he was fluent in the Latin and Greek languages, which were quite commonly used in old books.

In summary, the information I have suggests that he was perhaps more an 18th century character than a technical innovator, but his executive position in such an important company of that time, and for such a long period, suggests that he likely was responsible for the creation of many improvements and new foundry types at that time.


Personal details

  • From: Germany
  • Born: Berlin, 1860
  • Died: Berlin, 1929
  • What he does: Company Boss
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