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Vera Evstafieva

Born in Moscow, Russia, in a family of artists and architects in 1980. Vera studied drawing and painting before entering the high school. She received the TDC Scholarship Award when she studied at Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Soon after she graduated from the University in 2003 with Rossica text typeface as the diploma project, made under the direction of Alexander Tarbeev, Vera went to the Netherlands to continue her type design studies by attending the famous Type & Media course at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Her graduation work was Basileus typeface that included Cyrillic, Latin and Greek character sets.

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Creative Characters Interview - December 2009 (December 2009)

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Jay visited back home and gazed upon a brown fox and quail.
Amalta Amalta


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What deaf banjo player gives Max Planck quartz?
ALS Direct™ ALS Direct™


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Fixing the razor, J.S. Bach vowed to primp quickly.
ALS Dulsinea™ ALS Dulsinea™