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Victor Yb Delgado Revueltas

Armed with a Zip-a-tone dry transfer lettering catalogue, I consolidated my love affair with type at 12, a romance that goes on strong until today. Saying letters has always meant reading, writing and transmitting ideas through the one invention of mankind that, though distorted, can never be destroyed no matter what we do to ourselves or the world: the alphabet. But the word “letter” always had a different ring for me. The shapes of those abc’s have been, since I learned to read, at 3, more worthy of attention than the sometimes trivial (and often biased) things they are meant to express in newspapers, women’s magazines, newsletters and print ads.

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3 font families by Victor Yb Delgado Revueltas

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1 font style from $18.00
My expensive quartz watch once belonged to JFK.


1 font style from $21.00
Typophiles weave dreams of quoins, kerning and juggling complex beziers.


3 font styles from $21.00
Hark! Toxic jungle water vipers quietly drop on zebras for meals!