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Federico Biagioli

Seminar of Gliphs

Juanjo Lopez Font designer at Unos Tipos duros.

Seminar of Fontlab VII

Andres Torresi font designer at Huerta tipográfica

Universidad Carlos III MADRID

Obteined a certification on Historical Medieval Hispanic Paleogra´phy and calligraphy, 

wich allows me to make latin transcripcions and comprehension of ancient medieval text/writings.

I'm also allowed to compose a text using latin calligraphic from S. IX dc to XII dc.

Escuela superior de diseño

I live in Rosario, since 2015, where I sarted my studies in Graphic Design. Currently, I'm alumni from Escuela superior de diseño

Laboratorio de imaxen:

With the Image lab carrier, I got a photographer’s degree in Santiago de compostela.

I use my photo skills since then in all muy projects. 

Personal details

  • From: Argentina